Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas A Good Christmas!

Hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone! This year my sister was in town which made the holiday that much better! We began our festivities the day she arrived by having some toddies, pizza and decorating cookies with my folks! I don't believe we've done that since I was a little kid!

For the next couple of days we did last minute shopping and had lots of meet ups with old friends! One of my favorite things about the holidays are all of the imported friends that show back up!
As has become tradition for the past six years, my sister and I headed to Borders on Christmas Eve morning to wrap presents to raise money for StreetCats. It's such a fun day to be volunteering! People are in a different, uplifting spirit and it's so enjoyable to help out a bit :) Doesn't hurt that I love to wrap presents!

After wrapping, I hurried home to pack up the car and head to my mister's hometown of Okemah for the night. Sometime that morning, I decided it was a good idea to make scarfletts for practically all of my family members! I believe I ended up making about 10 of them in 24 hours?!? My brother-in-law snapped a pic of me working on one of the many.

Since my mom had restocked the cookie-making supplies for our decorating night, I thought it would be fun to decorate again with our nephews! I have never seen such heavily iced and sprinkled cookies! They had a blast :)

Sure hope Santa isn't diabetic! ;)

After opening presents and seeing what Santa brought on Christmas morning, we packed up and headed to Broken Arrow for brunch at my Papa's. We ended Christmas day hosting my family, Mimi and uncle with a spaghetti dinner, presents and a little Mario Kart! It was such a wonderful way to end the day :)
I suppose now it's time to pack up Christmas and begin to look towards the new year! Seems a certain fuzzy is ready to help pack up the Christmas cards....

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  1. What a lovely holiday you had! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your sis, and I can totally relate to the last-minute crafting frenzy. It looks like you enjoyed yourself and got some wonderful family time!