Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Homemade Christmas Cards

Yes, I know I posted yesterday about how Christmas has come and gone but I thought I'd still share my Christmas cards with you regardless :) There are plenty other holidays and, I'm sure, birthdays that you could make a variation of these for!

Because I'm insane and don't think I have enough to do already, I decided to make my own cards this year! Using super old card stock from my middle-school scrapbooking days, I scored the middle of the paper and created a card. I then used a corner cutter to round the edges of the card. I took an old book of poetry that was falling apart and on its way to the trash and pulled out poems involving winter, the new year and holidays.

Then I played around with crazy scissors and cut out the shapes of Christmas trees and snowmen. The snowmen didn't go so well so I only made a couple of them :) I just eyeballed my cutting. You could do a heart for V-day, a shamrock for St. Paddy's, a cupcake for a b-day and so on! Main rule here is to be creative!

I used my trusty ol glue stick to stick these puppies on, affixing them off-center just a bit.

Next I found some old ribbon I had stashed away - the kind with wire in the edges. I found the wired ribbon was super easy to work with on this project. I cut the ribbon about an inch longer than the card so I could fold it over the edges. I simply used double-stick tape to adhere the ribbon to the cards! I had intended to cut another sheet of cardstock to affix to the inside of the cover so you wouldn't see the ribbon folded over but ran out of time and figured my recipients wouldn't care :)

My finishing touch, which I of course didn't photograph, was to sift through my fortune cookie fortune collection to find some touching or funny fortunes for my message! I just glue-sticked the fortune on the inside where a traditional greeting would go and VOILA I was done!
The best part about this project? I bought nothing except for the envelopes to mail them in which I'm sure I could have made but time was of the essence :)
So did you send Christmas cards this year? Did you make your own? It's a tradition that I hope to continue well into the future!

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  1. Those look beautiful! They are waaaaay more charming than commercially made Christmas cards. The poetry was a fantastic idea! You are a crafty goddess.