Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deluxe: Six Hours of Awesome

Last weekend was the crazy-good Deluxe! It was literally non-stop traffic and non-stop sales! It's been such a joy to see how this show has grown into such an amazing event! Back in winter 2008, I somehow heard about this show and decided to apply! I loved the vibe of the show and the organizers really kicked ass! I knew I would be back for future shows! And now, four Deluxes later, I'm still coming back!

Somewhere in the middle of the day, I finally found time to raise my arms and take some photos of the whole show! Just look at the amount of people shopping!

Then I swung around and took a quick picture of the booth while there was no one in there, which was a challenge! The mister joined me for this show while his brother also spent a good part of the day with us! I was a true treat having them there with me :)

I did take a little advantage of the season and used some snowman props. This guy helped me sell lots of zipper necklaces...

...and this guy helped move lots of rings!

I used some vintage tablecloths that I had bought to cut up but could never bring myself to do! I loved that they added just a little something extra to the booth :)

I hadn't used the ol' drying racks for a long time but since we were taking my tiny car, I couldn't fit the large walls in so I packed a drying rack for earrings and bags!

Since my mister is injured still, my pops helped me finish up a second display board. I LOVED how they looked lined up! I also raised that table which brought necklaces closer to people's natural eye level! I moved SO many necklaces at this show and I believe the boards and raising the table helped immensely in that!

And of course I had to do a little shopping at the show! Picked up a few Christmas presents and bought this kickin' luchador mask for a dirty santa party we attended later that evening! So I leave you with the only picture of me at Deluxe this year. And a fabulous one at that :)

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