Monday, November 15, 2010

You May Call Me Banana

I LOVE me some Halloween. I specifically LOVE coming up with fun costumes to make! You may remember the Tea Bag costume from last year.

Growing up with a name like Briana, classmates often poked fun by referring to me as 'Banana'. As a child, of course, I hated that nickname! Once I started teaching English as a Second Language, I found my students remembered my name and its pronunciation much easier by introducing myself as Briana Banana. I had finally embraced being a banana!

When toying around with Halloween costume ideas, I kept going back to being a banana. Earlier this year, we acquired a large box that came with a new piece of furniture. I made the mister keep that blasted box for MONTHS, meanwhile shuffling it to every corner of the garage until the witching season was upon us. I KNEW I would use that box somehow!

I simply pencil sketched a gigantic banana profile and used a box cutter cut out one side of the fruit. After cutting the first side, I easily traced and cut the second half as well! Easy as banana cream pie!

Next, I spent an evening spray painting the boards in the backyard. I ran out of yellow spray paint so I sprayed a blob of brown on the back, thus I was a slightly bruised banana ;) After waiting for the pieces to dry, I simply sandwich-boarded the two halves and wore my banana with pride!
The mister was at a loss for costumes this year until last minute when he decided to rent a gorilla costume to go along with the banana! Hilarious!

Easy, effective and above all, funny! What were you this Halloween?!?

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