Monday, November 1, 2010

Indie Emporium Recap!

Indie Emporium has again come and gone! Here's a little recap for you!

Friday night there's always a long line patiently waiting and secretly hoping to be one of the first fifty in the door to get a swag bag full of all sorts of goodies! Here's that fun rush of folks!

This year I set up on my own (I usually set up with one or two other lady friends) so it was fun to have free reign over the booth design and only have my creations out! I was also very selective as to what I put out as I sometimes feel our booth gets overwhelming with all of the merchandise! It felt much simpler, more organized (which I LOVE) and easier to navigate!

I was very excited to unveil a new display I had the mister whip up for me. It had been a display once before but was in a sad state. This is light years better than what it was! I have a post planned for this transformation! It was so simple and so effective! We've got a second one in the works and I can't wait to use them both at a show!

The zipper necklaces made an appearance as well. I decided to separate them out from the other jewelry to give them more of a focus.

I really wish I had taken a few steps back and gotten one shot of the entire booth together but alas, I did not. You can see one of my awesome neighbors in the background from Two Dog Designs. I got the COOLEST belt buckle for the mister from them! SO glad I got to share the show with them!

I tried out a different way to display the rings this time around and it really seemed to do the trick - I moved lots of those puppies!

In past shows, we usually fill the grid wall with necklaces since we have so many but this time around, I hung up my bags! The response to them was wonderful and really made my weekend :) I was truly nervous as I'm not the master seamstress as so many of my peers are!

In addition to my rockin' belt buckle, I got a super cute knit pinchhat from the talented Knit-o-matic, the coolest vintage postcard card that will sail far away from here from Seeds of Hope, and finally two chomping necklaces for two of my favorite expecting ladies from Tweet Baby Designs! One of my many favorite things of independent shows is scoring loot from the talented artists I am lucky enough to share space with!
So kudos to the Indie Emporium team and here's to next year!

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  1. The display does look more clean! I like it! You guys do have a lot of merch usually... doesn't it feel good to have a little space? I try and share equal space with Ross but I always want just one more foot... a couple more inches here and there... it makes all the difference!

    And yeah, my favorite thing about shows is getting cool stuff from other artists!