Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come, Have a Seat!

Our Thanksgiving holiday was VERY low key as the mister ended up having to have surgery on his poor widdle middle finger on Wednesday morning. We weren't sure if he would feel up to doing anything, so we cancelled our holiday plans. Instead, we just relaxed and relaxed. Well, he did ;) I cooked a mean traditional Thanksgiving meal and he did his best to eat while I filled myself to the rim! Mmmmmm!!!

Following our meal, I got back to tackling my never-ending to-do list, which I LOVE to do! Seriously! At the top of that list was to put out Christmas!

We usually put our tree in the living room but this year, I suggested we put it in the sitting room. And we did. And I LOVE it! So here's a tour of our tree and of our sitting room :)

Atop my Great Granny's old record player sits a holiday adorned lamp and a beautiful print from Audrey Eclectic.

An old printing press drawer is home to tiny things I just can't bear to toss. You can usually find these pretty inexpensive and the possibilities for them are endless! I've had this one for YEARS. The awesome striped chairs are hand me downs from my Mimi :) I love how perfectly they match the orange theme!

My Granny's horse collection coupled with my turtle collection flanks the other side of the window. Tank 1 of 3 lives in this room filled with freshwater sharks, a rhino nosed pleco that we see about once a year and a catfish that is at least 12 years old. Finishing off this shot is the newest fuzzy enjoying the afternoon sun.
The mister helped the best he could with his one good hand - he hung ornaments in our little bar. Or as he likes to call it, his vanity (not to be confused with my vanity :)
Now a look at the tree up close!

I made this ornament back in 1992, which would have made me about 13 years old. I remember it SO well. Why? Well, to get the paint inside, you'd use a straw, suck up the paint, and blow it into the ornament. Easy, right? I was great at getting the paint inside but not so much with the glitter that I decided to add at the end. I sucked up SO much glitter right down the hatch that I was pulling it out of my teeth for a week! I have never laughed so hard nor hurt so hard all at the same time :) And the kicker? You can barely see any of the glitter that I did get in there!

This ornament is a result of leaving the mister home alone too long with my crafting supplies. At the time I had been steadily wrapping rocks with a beautiful square sterling silver wire. Expensive wire. I came home to find that the mister had used up almost half of my fancy wire to wrap a rock! He was SO proud and it was SO funny that we decided to tie a string on it and call it an ornament :)

This green gourd ornament was handmade and painted by a local Okemah woman.

This purty green one was a gift from the mister to me on our first Christmas together! He wanted us to start building our tree together :) There once were two of these ornaments but fragile things don't last very long around these parts!

A fun little frog and one of my spool ornaments! As a matter of fact, our tree is COVERED with them! And I love it!

I also chose to include my ferrets' old stockings, Stinky and Segunda. I miss those smelly things all too often.

What special things adorn your tree? Do you have a Christmas tree? Would you like to put presents under our tree? ;)


  1. Merry Christmas! We bought a little tiny blue tree from Target and have some character ornaments on it at the moment.. we probably won't put up much more because we will be moving.. but it's nice to have a little bit of the Christmas spirit around.

  2. we have a method to our ornamenting. the ones with fur or feathers or anything else the cats might eat go at the top of the tree. we usually lose a glass ball or two though...
    your blog looks great girlie. miss you!

  3. Aw, your ornaments are so sweet. Thanks for giving us a tour of your tree! My mister and I are trying to build up our collection of ornaments because we've never had a big tree before. I've been collecting vintage elves and santas from estate sales, but we could still use some more. I'm thinking we need one of your awesome spools. Will you be selling those at any shows this year?

  4. Tree looks great! I love the fancy wire rock story! Too funny!