Monday, November 15, 2010

Born Again Display Boards

Once upon a time, about 4 years ago, our booth looked as so:

Not so fabulous, eh?
At the time, I was soooooooooo proud of those boards and thought they were the answer to all of my display prayers! They were not. They were cumbersome and dangerous with nails sticking out every which way and much jewelry got lost in the background fabrics. They were short lived at shows and spent the rest of their young lives in a pile in the garage.
Periodically we would take one apart to use the wood but mostly, they sat unused. The mister was losing his garage-space patience and was ready to throw the old boards out until I stepped in and saved them! Actually, he saved them for me ;)
We stripped the fabric, batting and many staples and the mister got to measuring and jigsawing.
We turned the boards on their sides and I had the mister cut out a series of tiny little slots that I could slide a necklace down in. The little cuts did take a while but proved to be SO worth it!

The mister happily broke out his new sander and sanded this puppy down for me so I could stain away!
I am SO happy with how the display turned out! No nails to fight, no ugly fabrics to take away from the jewelry, clean and modern look, and easy, easy transport!!! We're in the process of making a second one and I've got a few more similar ideas tucked away in my little head that I hope will make and appearance in the near future!

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