Friday, November 26, 2010

Add To Your Black Friday Shopping List!

If you were to head over to my Etsy shop RIGHT NOW, this is what you would find for your buying pleasure :) NONE of these have been made available for purchase until TODAY! Rings will be added shortly! Enjoy and remember to SHOP HANDMADE for the holidays!!!


An awesome purse made from vintage woodland fabric and an antique National Bank of Commerce Tulsa bank bag.

A beautifully striking bookbag lined with a vintage sheet and made from rare gold vintage bark cloth.

A super loooooooong silver and blue stone cross necklace.

An uh-mazing vintage flower pin necklace made from scores on the Kanokla trip!

Some recycled glass and reused enameled centerpiece made into a killer necklace.

An Indian inspired necklace with a vintage clip earring turned centerpiece. Don't forget the vintage paper-rolled beads!
Aaaaaaaand, something to anchor you down! An anchor necklace with vintage beads!!

Ok now, take a deep breath and head over to my shop and get your holiday shopping started!!! I know I'm going to!!

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