Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come, Have a Seat!

Our Thanksgiving holiday was VERY low key as the mister ended up having to have surgery on his poor widdle middle finger on Wednesday morning. We weren't sure if he would feel up to doing anything, so we cancelled our holiday plans. Instead, we just relaxed and relaxed. Well, he did ;) I cooked a mean traditional Thanksgiving meal and he did his best to eat while I filled myself to the rim! Mmmmmm!!!

Following our meal, I got back to tackling my never-ending to-do list, which I LOVE to do! Seriously! At the top of that list was to put out Christmas!

We usually put our tree in the living room but this year, I suggested we put it in the sitting room. And we did. And I LOVE it! So here's a tour of our tree and of our sitting room :)

Atop my Great Granny's old record player sits a holiday adorned lamp and a beautiful print from Audrey Eclectic.

An old printing press drawer is home to tiny things I just can't bear to toss. You can usually find these pretty inexpensive and the possibilities for them are endless! I've had this one for YEARS. The awesome striped chairs are hand me downs from my Mimi :) I love how perfectly they match the orange theme!

My Granny's horse collection coupled with my turtle collection flanks the other side of the window. Tank 1 of 3 lives in this room filled with freshwater sharks, a rhino nosed pleco that we see about once a year and a catfish that is at least 12 years old. Finishing off this shot is the newest fuzzy enjoying the afternoon sun.
The mister helped the best he could with his one good hand - he hung ornaments in our little bar. Or as he likes to call it, his vanity (not to be confused with my vanity :)
Now a look at the tree up close!

I made this ornament back in 1992, which would have made me about 13 years old. I remember it SO well. Why? Well, to get the paint inside, you'd use a straw, suck up the paint, and blow it into the ornament. Easy, right? I was great at getting the paint inside but not so much with the glitter that I decided to add at the end. I sucked up SO much glitter right down the hatch that I was pulling it out of my teeth for a week! I have never laughed so hard nor hurt so hard all at the same time :) And the kicker? You can barely see any of the glitter that I did get in there!

This ornament is a result of leaving the mister home alone too long with my crafting supplies. At the time I had been steadily wrapping rocks with a beautiful square sterling silver wire. Expensive wire. I came home to find that the mister had used up almost half of my fancy wire to wrap a rock! He was SO proud and it was SO funny that we decided to tie a string on it and call it an ornament :)

This green gourd ornament was handmade and painted by a local Okemah woman.

This purty green one was a gift from the mister to me on our first Christmas together! He wanted us to start building our tree together :) There once were two of these ornaments but fragile things don't last very long around these parts!

A fun little frog and one of my spool ornaments! As a matter of fact, our tree is COVERED with them! And I love it!

I also chose to include my ferrets' old stockings, Stinky and Segunda. I miss those smelly things all too often.

What special things adorn your tree? Do you have a Christmas tree? Would you like to put presents under our tree? ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: Full o' Fluff

The fluffballs have been busy lounging and being fluffy over the break.

She eventually fell off of the bed.

Protecting her beloved vintage sewing baskets. Or yawning. Whatever.

They hope you are having a wonderfully fuzzy holiday break too!

Add To Your Black Friday Shopping List!

If you were to head over to my Etsy shop RIGHT NOW, this is what you would find for your buying pleasure :) NONE of these have been made available for purchase until TODAY! Rings will be added shortly! Enjoy and remember to SHOP HANDMADE for the holidays!!!


An awesome purse made from vintage woodland fabric and an antique National Bank of Commerce Tulsa bank bag.

A beautifully striking bookbag lined with a vintage sheet and made from rare gold vintage bark cloth.

A super loooooooong silver and blue stone cross necklace.

An uh-mazing vintage flower pin necklace made from scores on the Kanokla trip!

Some recycled glass and reused enameled centerpiece made into a killer necklace.

An Indian inspired necklace with a vintage clip earring turned centerpiece. Don't forget the vintage paper-rolled beads!
Aaaaaaaand, something to anchor you down! An anchor necklace with vintage beads!!

Ok now, take a deep breath and head over to my shop and get your holiday shopping started!!! I know I'm going to!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

I've been slacking on my fuzzy posts! Here's a few pics to make up for it :)

The beast and his BFF...

The mister (in his own fuzzy greatness), his offensive broken finger (accidental courtesy of my pops) and a very mouthy and needy grey fuzzy...

The beast avoiding the tiny floor of the pop up on our recent camping trip...

And the original fuzzies keeping warm together...

I just realized I have no pictures of the new fuzzy included in this post! Fret not, she's doing grand as well! In fact, her and grey fuzzy each caught a mouse within a week of each other last month! Finally, my cats are acting like cats! ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

You May Call Me Banana

I LOVE me some Halloween. I specifically LOVE coming up with fun costumes to make! You may remember the Tea Bag costume from last year.

Growing up with a name like Briana, classmates often poked fun by referring to me as 'Banana'. As a child, of course, I hated that nickname! Once I started teaching English as a Second Language, I found my students remembered my name and its pronunciation much easier by introducing myself as Briana Banana. I had finally embraced being a banana!

When toying around with Halloween costume ideas, I kept going back to being a banana. Earlier this year, we acquired a large box that came with a new piece of furniture. I made the mister keep that blasted box for MONTHS, meanwhile shuffling it to every corner of the garage until the witching season was upon us. I KNEW I would use that box somehow!

I simply pencil sketched a gigantic banana profile and used a box cutter cut out one side of the fruit. After cutting the first side, I easily traced and cut the second half as well! Easy as banana cream pie!

Next, I spent an evening spray painting the boards in the backyard. I ran out of yellow spray paint so I sprayed a blob of brown on the back, thus I was a slightly bruised banana ;) After waiting for the pieces to dry, I simply sandwich-boarded the two halves and wore my banana with pride!
The mister was at a loss for costumes this year until last minute when he decided to rent a gorilla costume to go along with the banana! Hilarious!

Easy, effective and above all, funny! What were you this Halloween?!?

Born Again Display Boards

Once upon a time, about 4 years ago, our booth looked as so:

Not so fabulous, eh?
At the time, I was soooooooooo proud of those boards and thought they were the answer to all of my display prayers! They were not. They were cumbersome and dangerous with nails sticking out every which way and much jewelry got lost in the background fabrics. They were short lived at shows and spent the rest of their young lives in a pile in the garage.
Periodically we would take one apart to use the wood but mostly, they sat unused. The mister was losing his garage-space patience and was ready to throw the old boards out until I stepped in and saved them! Actually, he saved them for me ;)
We stripped the fabric, batting and many staples and the mister got to measuring and jigsawing.
We turned the boards on their sides and I had the mister cut out a series of tiny little slots that I could slide a necklace down in. The little cuts did take a while but proved to be SO worth it!

The mister happily broke out his new sander and sanded this puppy down for me so I could stain away!
I am SO happy with how the display turned out! No nails to fight, no ugly fabrics to take away from the jewelry, clean and modern look, and easy, easy transport!!! We're in the process of making a second one and I've got a few more similar ideas tucked away in my little head that I hope will make and appearance in the near future!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Belated Birthday

I'm so behind on my posting but better late than never, right? So a few months ago I celebrated another stinkin' birthday. Yay ;) I was dying for a birthday camping trip but September was jammed packed full of obligations! It wasn't until a month later that the mister, myself and a few friends packed up and headed back out to Cove Lake, Arkansas! If you remember, we spent some much-needed time out there this spring as well. It was such a treat to go back on a non-holiday weekend and to share our much loved camping spot with friends!

The days were in the mid-eighties while the evenings hit the mid-fifties. PERFECT camping weather!

I spent MUCH time in the car and around the fire diligently working on my massive crocheted blanket. I anticipate it shall finally be done in another week or two!

It was just chilly enough during the early morning hours that I got to use my sleeves-turned-fingerless-gloves to work in!
The beast had a blast too, of course, and had a friend to share the good times with as well! A well-dressed friend to be exact!

The mister was handsome as ever.
And I was not the only lady with yarn and sticks in my hand!
A great weekend spent with great friends with great weather. What better way to spend a belated birthday? ;)