Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Kind of Weekend

It makes me so happy to say that I had a fabulous weekend! I've been so glum lately that being able to say that makes me giddy inside!!! So what made me so happy?

Hitting up the Tulsa State Fair with the mister on Friday night.

Stopping by Pamper Me on Brookside to check out the AWESOME displays of the goods and to already see such positive public reactions to my merch!

Having some RIDICULOUS luck on garage and estate sales! More on this later...
Enjoying uh-mazing weather with friends while they enjoyed their pigskin game in the front yard ;)

And I've still got one more day left to finish off this great weekend! Hooray! What's on the plate? Cleaning, laundry, bachelorette party planning, lesson planning, relaxin' and perhaps a little Dexter watching later today!


  1. You have been creating some cute purses! ♥ Dexter!

  2. i wanted to go to the fair! i never got the chance though... :( i love all the flashing lights and rides and bright colored booths that are slightly faded from age :) it makes for great pictures! and all the food is delicious