Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pamper Me

Saturday I dropped by Pamper Me on Brookside to drop off some more necklaces and to take some pictures to share with you! Pamper Me is located directly across the Channel 2 building and is FULL of a variety of goodies for you!

Pamper Me provides HANDMADE and ORGANIC soaps, scrubs, creams, and makeup (just to name a few) and offers relaxing retreats, young girls' weekends and so much more! They are all about making you feel relaxed and let me tell you, just hanging out in their shop alone does that!

For the holiday seasons, they are featuring other handmade, local artists and their products! I've been lucky enough (along with some REALLY amazing ladies) to share my goods there! Here's a photo tour :)

If you've been itchin' to get one of my new bags, there are plenty of them here! And I am loving their uber comfy screen printed shirts!

Rings and rocks galore!

Be prepared to fall in love with the works of Hollyrocks, Weather & Noise and Grey Eye Designs as well!

Of course you'll find some whimsical switchplates there as well :)

And bags and bags and bags :)

Shop early for the holidays! And shop handmade and local :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

Apparently the fuzzies enjoy a night of crocheting and tv watching too :)

The Fall Lineup

Life's been a bit crazy lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't had time to sneak in a necklace here and there! Here's some of the new ones you can expect to see at Indie Emporium, October 29 & 30 and Deluxe, December 11!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Kind of Weekend

It makes me so happy to say that I had a fabulous weekend! I've been so glum lately that being able to say that makes me giddy inside!!! So what made me so happy?

Hitting up the Tulsa State Fair with the mister on Friday night.

Stopping by Pamper Me on Brookside to check out the AWESOME displays of the goods and to already see such positive public reactions to my merch!

Having some RIDICULOUS luck on garage and estate sales! More on this later...
Enjoying uh-mazing weather with friends while they enjoyed their pigskin game in the front yard ;)

And I've still got one more day left to finish off this great weekend! Hooray! What's on the plate? Cleaning, laundry, bachelorette party planning, lesson planning, relaxin' and perhaps a little Dexter watching later today!

Friday, October 1, 2010