Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Scores

So you may be wondering, what did you buy on your 100 mile road trip??? Well, here you go! Spent just under $40 all weekend when I thought I'd be spending LOTS more...

A few broaches and an Indian head slider that I will be keeping for myself :)

Some fun fabric that will soon be bags for Indie Emporium!

Some PJs for moi :)

My first sewing book! So far, I've just been self taught so this will be a great way to learn how to fix those things that frustrate me so!

A beeeeeautiful (and heavy) curtain that will also become some slammin' bags!

Another jar to match my granny's set. You'll see a distorted pic of the mister and myself behind it :)

My most exciting score - a dress form! It needs a few kinks fixed, no biggie. It was cheap and awesome! I'm SO excited about using something other than myself to make clothes on!

Box 'o patterns for a buck! I get so frustrated when folks mark these up SOOOO high so it makes my day to find a score like this!

A book by my fave author EVAH! What's funny about this is that I finished reading this book THE DAY BEFORE I FOUND THIS ONE and was late to work rushing it back to the library! Bought this copy for the mister to read and to add to my CM collection :)

An old chip clip rack to hang earrings on :)

And perhaps my favorite find. There is something about this painting that I can't get over. The yellow sky? The creepy old man flying kites with the kids? The perceived wind? The desolation? I don't know but I FREAKING LOVE THIS.
So there you go! I wish I'd taken photos of my dad's stash - military issue Coleman lanterns, MANY light fixtures and electrical parts...the list goes on.
Did you find any gems this weekend???


  1. Great stuff! I'm drooling over the curtain panel and the dress form.

  2. I love, love, love the creepy painting!

  3. such cool finds! i love the chip rack & dress form! and all of it for under $40?? wow!! thats a great deal!

  4. I didn't even know about the 100 mile garage sale, but it seems like it would be SO much fun! You ended up with some pretty sweet things. I love the chip clip display for earrings. You're so clever!