Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recap: The 100 Mile Sale

Yesterday afternoon, my dad and I returned from the 100 mile garage sale whirlwind with a truck full of goods and lots of laughs and memories under our belt. Hit more garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets and antique shops then I can count! Here's a little recap.

We began right outside of Bartlesville, OK in an awesome antiquing town called Dewey. As a matter of fact, the mister and I spent time in this first shop on our honeymoon! It's a lamp-lover's dream.

I love it when shops arrange little vignettes or group things together according to style. For example, if I'd had the money, this retro-mod sitting area would now be in my living room :)

Always a fan of making up words, I LOVED this Magnetail pin the tail on the donkey game!

I was loving this kitchen stove. If I were born in a different time, my husband would have surely tired of hearing me talk about how much I wanted this!

Along the road, we took a break at a burger joint for some cooling refreshments. My pops enjoyed a classic Coke float :)

On Friday, we made it up to the peak of the 100 mile trip to Independence, KS which is a small town full of beautiful buildings and beyond friendly folks.

We came across the stunning Booth Hotel on Main Street where we had chowed down on some tasty Italian (my fave) and had some drinks at the lounge.

It was also along Independence's Main Street that we came across this hilarious front door of a pawn shop....don't worry, we left our snowcones in the car :)

On Day Two, we found ourselves in Dearling, KS, a speck of a town but with a building full of treasures for my dad. As an electrical contractor often working in older homes, my dad is always on the lookout for unusual or hard-to-find electrical components and fixtures. Well, this was his holy grail. The couple owning the building (which also houses the town's post office) bought it from a man in the sixties who ran his own electrical contracting company out of it. This place was FULL of electrical goodies. I pulled up a chair and hung out with the older couple while my dad dug and dug and dug. An hour later and a shockingly low $15 dollars poorer, we were off!

Across the street, we went into this antique shop...which I soon realized was actually the front part of a house! I spied an open door behind the register which revealed a large kitchen complete with a couch and tv...I assume the only 'livable' room in the house! This place was stuffed to the rim with collectibles! He seemed to have a thing for the circus...

Chickens, guineas, mallards. Oh my!
Braved some beautiful breezes and amazing temps to check out this flea market ;)

Trains with pipes chased us around... we detoured into Turo, KS to happen upon a huge antique car show!

My first car was almost a Thing, yellow, not green though :)

I was REALLY hoping to see someone take this bike for a spin!

So pretty, so expensive.

We cruised back into Tulsa around 3 on Saturday leaving us an hour to peruse Tulsa's Flea Market!!! It was the perfect way to end the trip! Although, we could only buy small items there as the truck was a bit stuffed :)

So here's to making memories, exploring the country, digging through junk and getting out on the road! Cheers!

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