Friday, September 10, 2010

It's In My Blood

I'm learning that some things are genetic lately. Like my high cholesterol and my love of antiquing :)

My pops is an antiquer extraordinaire, even donning himself as 'The Master of Fire and Light' which is quite the true statement! Internationally known for collecting lighters, he also has amazing collections of lanterns, flashlights, flint and steel, light bulbs and any other 'light' producing instrument. I've learned about history, cultures and how to appreciate and respect the past from antiques. It's astounding what an object can teach you about yesteryear.

It was a common occurrence growing up to hit the road on the weekend to explore small towns in Oklahoma and surrounding states and their antique shops and flea markets with my dad. I attribute most of my childhood travels in the U.S. to attending lighter, flashlight, lock and bottle shows in various cities. I learned at a young age to be comfortable around strange old men, how to barter with anyone and how to recognize quality in antiques. My dad loved taking me antiquing with him growing up because I could see items on lower shelves better than he could! You could say I'm a trained antiquer ;)

The picture below is one of my pops a few years back at their old house in his room o' light. Just a small example of the bits of history that surrounded me growing up.

All of that being said, you can imagine my elation that my dad and I are taking a long awaited antiquing road trip this weekend! We're packing up here in a few hours and are going to take in Kan-Okla, a one-hundred mile stretch of flea markets and garage sales! It will be like I've died and gone to heaven :) My mental shopping list keeps getting longer and longer...
Perhaps you're jonesin' to stretch your antiquing muscles? If so, you should take a short trek up north and enjoy the weekend's weather while perusing all that the past has given us (and some junk too ;) Say HI if you should see myself or my pops!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I'd say you picked up some pretty sweet skills in your childhood. It's fun to think about moments in childhood that determine who we are today! Hope yall have a great time this weekend!