Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bags & Baggage

No need to fret! I am alive! I know it's been a while since I last posted but to be honest, life's been pretty freaking crazy! A brief recap involves my mister losing his grandma, me losing an old college friend in a very tragic and hard-to-comprehend way, a week of lots of sadness, a couple overnight trips here and there, my 31st birthday (eh), witnessing some unacceptable animal neglect by my fabulous *sarcasm*'s been quite a time. Not to mention I'm knee deep into the fall semester so any moment I have left to breathe is full of grammar fun, writing tests or grading papers! And to think, just a month ago I was so bored ;)

I'm trying to make a bit more time again for creatin' though since I learned I was accepted to Indie Emporium again (YAY!!) and since I'm going to have some goodies hanging out at Pamper Me on Brookside starting tomorrow! I'm working on some big top secret changes around here...

Here's a few of my latest bags which will be heading over to Pamper Me! Each of these were made from vintage, awesome curtains! And I've got plenty more coming! Enjoy the crappy pictures, errrrr, sneak peak! ;)

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