Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome To My Vanity

The mister and I moved into a small, midtown Tulsa home a little over three years ago. Our house has one tiny, TINY little bath (so tiny the beast can't turn around in it - he has to back it up to leave!) and I have a not-so-tiny collection of baubles, naturally, being the jewelry gal and all :) I foresaw some issues with my 'collection' and our lack of space until one day....

While scrubbing down the shelves in our hallway linen closet, I noticed how perfect the height of the bottom shelf was to actually be a standing workspace of some sort! I timidly called up the mister (at the time we weren't even living in the same town) and passed along the idea of removing a shelf and turning the middle portion of the shelves into a vanity! He bit! Probably one of the greatest gifts he has given me ;)

Now, before I move on, let me apologize beforehand for the photos. This time they were not taken with my phone but I had a heck of a time with lighting in this small space! So, you get what you get.

As I can barely reach the top part of the shelves, the sheets get thrown up there so don't mind the mess :) I took a 'messy' photo of the vanity to begin with yet forgot to take a clean photo! Oh well, this is usually how it looks! And actually, it's a great segue to explain one of the other great functions of the vanity! I usually leave jewelry EVERYWHERE around the house. What is fabulous is that when tidying, I can just toss it all in there, shut the door and be done with it! I'm typically not the 'just throw it in the closet' type of gal but for this, it works great!

Another item of note is that my perfumes and lotions make the sheets and blankets smell great all of the time, a fact the mister pointed out! Ha!

So now, a tour. The mirror was from the mister's old apartment. The frame is PLASTIC and not the prettiest thing in the world so we were going to get rid of it when we thought of trying it in there...and it was a perfect fit!

While this may look like a big cluster, there is actually much organization to my necklace groupings! Metals, Vintage, Worldly and Modern Handmade.

In the corner next to necklace-fest is a scarf with pins, pendants (just clipped on with safety pins) and sunglasses.

Down below on that side is the box 'o earrings. I know many people like to hang their earrings up to store but that has never really worked for me. I have them color grouped in the various drawers and just dump them out to pick out a pair to wear!
Next to that is my take-out box, formerly a childhood Easter basket, full of nail polish. You can see Shiva a little better in this picture (explained below).

Directly under the mirror is my bracelet and ring army. While you can't see the white fist on the right side of the photo due to the BLINDING FLASH, you can see the second of the pair on the left side. I posted once about finding these and another white hand dish at a garage sale in high school. The board with the hands hung above my sink in college as a towel rack and now lays in my vanity as a bracelet holder. You can easily slip one of the dowel ends out of the fist to pull off bracelets that don't clasp. I also tend to lay often-used earrings or hair clips on the board portion. At the left end of the photo, you can somewhat make out a Shiva figurine which I have donned with many rings :)

And if you'll look to your left, you'll find the culprit of the good smells! That jewelry box was made for me in college by one of the two people responsible for me meeting the mister! The top of the box has actual jewelry cemented into it! I tried to get a photo of that but no luck....

My mom sold Mary Kay cosmetics for many years, hence my large collection of scents and lotions. It takes me FOREVER to finish these things off! I've issued a hiatus on good-smelling gifts for many years now! I hang my headbands off the top of the perfume basket yet, they always seem to fall down. Anybody else have a headband storage system that actually works???

Looking up you'll see a bamboo shelf that has been everything from a toilet paper storage shelf, knick knack holder, plant stand and now lotion storage! I would say I have successfully used every last inch for storage in my vanity!
I always jokingly tell people that this is my favorite part of our house which, I suppose, is pretty close to true! It's a space I've made completely my own and is filled with so many things that, may not be worth much monetarily, but are worth the world to me. Minus the lotions :)


  1. That's great! Isn't it wonderful to have your own little nook?

  2. O M G. I love the doors shut pic and then the magical world inside!

  3. I love this! I wish I was this organized!