Friday, August 6, 2010

Tablecloth Turned Skirt

Last weekend at the Flea Market, I came across this pretty little tablecloth! I loved those colors and the size seemed a good one to cut up and play with!

I laid the fabric out on the floor (meanwhile shooing animals off of it left and right!) and laid out a cute wrap skirt that I inherited from a friend (and that I love!) to try and recreate something similar.

Unfortunately, the cloth was just a teeny tiny bit shorter than the original skirt but I crossed my fingers and figured it wouldn't make a difference! Well, it did make a difference. BOO! Not a huge difference though. Wrapped over a bathing suit or a slip and all would be fine OR if I were to drop just a few pounds, that would work to ;)

I dropped the ball picture-wise here so I'll do my best to explain without pictures! Really, it's mighty simple! After cutting out the skirt, I just had to hem the sides as the bottom was already hemmed! Easy! Following that, I cut two loooooooong strips and made straps/a waistband out of it. You want this to be super long because that is what wraps around and around you! Finally, about four or five inches from the center of the waistband, make a buttonhole. This is where you slip one of the straps through to tighten your skirt! With a bit of the extra fabric I made two little pockets because nothing is complete without a pocket or two! Voila! You're done! Thirty minutes top :)

I'm thinking I'll be packing this for our trip to Puerto Rico in a few weeks! That's right, we're going to Puerto Rico on a semi-controlled whim! ;) This will be mine and the mister's first trip out of the US together and my first trip to a Spanish speaking country in over ten years! I can't freaking wait!!!!!! Don't worry, I'll bring back LOTS of photos, stories and goodies to share!
Until later!


  1. Whatever, I bet that skirt looks hot on you! I love the pattern, and I agree that it will be the perfect touch for a trip to the beach in a beautiful setting. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! Seriously though, enjoy your trip!

  2. Very cute skirt! I love your comment on "(meanwhile shooing animals off of it left and right!)" ! I'm constantly having to do that!