Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

La Corrida - Francis Cabrel

After I had finished my undergraduate degree in 2002, I packed up to travel around Europe for a month. A friend of mine was studying in Germany at the time so I spent much time scooting around with her. After a few weeks, we headed south to meet up with a friend I grew up in church with. He was living with his father in the south of France, an area I had never explored before. My previous time in France left me with a bad taste in my mouth so it was good for me to give it another try. After a few days on the beach, we were offered an unexpected trip up to La Mas, a tiny, pretty much abandoned, French village in the French Alps. The bus would only take us so far and after that we had to hitchhike, for lack of a better word. The roads were ridiculous and with my car anxiety, I'm amazed I didn't have a heart attack on that drive. We finally reached our destination and stayed for three days living off condensed milk, spaghetti, peas, 50 year old white wine found buried in the cellar and pixie sticks. We should have hit the store before we left ;)

The house we stayed in was my friend's grandfather-in-law's. Let me explain the history because it's a truly amazing story. My friend's grandfather was an American soldier in WWII in France. His plane was shot down near La Mas. The soldiers made their way to the village and for months, the inhabitants of the village took care of the soldiers, even hiding them in the forest when the Nazis came hunting for them. My friend's grandfather-in-law lived in this village at the time. They were eventually rescued and time went on. Then, about fifteen years or so ago (give or take) a reunion was held for descendants of the village inhabitants and the rescued soldiers in France. It was at this reunion where my friend's father and now stepmother-in-law met. They married shortly after and he never left France. Amazing, non?

Back to my song ;) So, as one can imagine, we had to entertain ourselves during our stay in La Mas. We played LOTS of cards and did a lot of gabbing. The house was full of hidden doors behind curtains, tiny rooms with one piece of furniture filled with surprises and, we swear, ghosts. :) The three of us never separated in that house after dark! Spooky! Then one day while exploring the house, we found a tape deck and a Francis Cabrel tape! We listened to that tape over and over and over and over again. This one song takes me right back there and beyond. Enjoy.

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  1. what an amazing memory....and story! i swear, you are one of the coolest people i know!