Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baggin' Up Dustbowl

Greetings! We returned from Puerto Rico late last Tuesday and life's been in full g0-mode ever since! ESL classes start back up tomorrow and I'm teaching FOUR of them so I've been quite busy with planning for that. I've missed the classroom greatly!

Also scrunched in our few days back has been preparing for Dustbowl Arts Market, which was yesterday in Norman! The mister and I awoke EARLY yesterday and headed that way with the beast. What I enjoy about Dustbowl is that the weather is typically in your favor, the vendors are AWESOME, Norman is a blast, it's dog friendly, it's FREE and there's great music all day long! I didn't take toooo many photos but here's a few!

I was excited and nervous to show my bags to the public for the first time but, to my elation, they were well received...and they sold! Yay!

As usual at outdoor shows the beast set up camp under a table, periodically sticking his head out to surprise shoppers and lick their toes :)
The lady April met up with us as well, looking oh-so-fashionable as always, so it was a fun-filled, sun-filled day!

Here's a closer look at the bags I brought. One bookbag isn't photographed as I finished it up late Friday night! Brought fifteen, sold 4! I was pleased for their first time out!
This odd puppy was made out of the sleeves of a dress I cut up to make a strapless number! I thought it was fun :)

The aforementioned non-photographed bookbag was out of this same material, a velvety checkerboard. So luxe :)

My most popular fabric of the day...

A cool old skirt was what this guy was made out of!

Another *bright* skirt...

Remember the old tablecloth purses? This satchel went quick! Actually, all but one of my satchels sold!

Another old skirt...

The first one to go (and the mister's fave)...

Twas a good weekend! Back to lesson planning! (or procrastinating....)


  1. Seriously! Do you have an etsy shop so I can buy the yellow one?

  2. Just shoot me an email at and we can work something out!

  3. Glad you had a great show! The weather was great! A little hot at times, but definitely bearable. I loved seeing all the dogs there! It made the day even more fun.