Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You, Woody

Another Woody Fest has come, gone and delivered good times as always. The heat this year was pretty brutal but nothing a loose fitting outfit and lots of water couldn't fix!

We usually camp throughout the entire festival but this time we only camped the first night before running off to my in law's house for A/C and actual bathrooms rather than port-a-johns!
Even though Woody can get pretty toasty, there's always places to hide out and listen to music. For example, Brick Street has a gigantic basement that some awesome acts play in during the day. I was lucky enough to have one of my high school friends pass through on Saturday during a trip from her home in Wisconsin. It's always a joy to show off Okemah to friends!

One of the few remaining theaters in the state, The Crystal Theater, also showcases many amazing musicians throughout the festival with Arlo Guthrie kicking the whole festival off on Wednesday night there!

The main street in Okemah, Broadway, is not only home to the Crystal and Brick Street but is also home to a beautiful Woody Guthrie park and statue.

To beat the heat while our misters played golf, April and I drove a few miles out of town to swim for a bit in Okemah Lake. It was a perfect break from the heat.

One of my few photos of folks, dark as can be. I wasn't the best picture taker this weekend, as you can see. As a matter of fact, I only took photos on my phone! Shame on me!

And the only picture of me mister and I, celebrating five years of meeting each other.

Another reason I was gung-ho about not camping as much this year was due to my sweetness to the mosquitos! I was eaten alive on day two! I was so itchy on the last day I even wore jeans in 100 degree heat to avoid more bites!
While the next location isn't indoors, it's still a perfect place to spend a few hours during the festival. Grape Ranch Winery is only a few miles outside of town and also has non-stop music playing. We were lucky enough to be there when the legendary Randy Crouch was playing!

In the evenings, the action is at the Pastures of Plenty where the big stage is full of fantastic acts.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Okemah produces the most amazing sunsets!

This is also where we set up our booth and sling the goods!

The ending act each year is Jimmy LaFave, a fave of my mine and my mister's. The last few songs Jimmy brings all of the singers and musicians on stage to sing together. This year was the first year I actually went up to the stage to watch closely and might I say, it was incredibly moving (AND I saw two ladies on stage that had bought jewelry from us that weekend!). They always end the festival with the entire pasture and those on stage singing This Land is Your Land together. It's so moving and is the perfect way to end a perfect and meaningful festival.

I truly hope that one of these years, you'll join us at Woody Fest and experience how special this event truly is.


  1. This is amazing! Great pics (even if they were from your phone) and great commentary. It's nice to see someone loving Okemah as much as we do!!

  2. Thanks for the photo recap of the much beloved (and sorely missed) WoodyFest!

  3. I should have gone!! I'm so bad about wanting to do things, not doing them for some reason or another, and then regretting the fact that I didn't do them once they're over with. It looks like you had a wonderful time- heat and mosquito bites and all! I can imagine that last song is quite breathtaking.

    By the way, the 'squitos love my flesh too. Perhaps they bite based on awesomeness?