Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take My Word

This weekend is a very important weekend for two main reasons. First, it's Woody weekend! Second, it's the five year anniversary of meeting my mister!

The Woody Guthrie Festival is SUCH a good time. Yeah, yeah, yeah it's hot, I know this, but it's totally worth it! What this festival celebrates and how they celebrate with non-stop, feel good music and wonderful, wonderful people makes it a festival I won't miss! It's family friendly, FREE and only an hour away from Tulsa and OKC, making it a great 'meet in the middle' spot for friends from all over the state! I will refrain from going on and on and will leave you with my posts from last year selling the festival and recapping the weekend.

We will be there from Thursday on so if you see us, make sure and say hi! It's truly a good-for-the-soul type weekend :)

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  1. I bet you are having a thoroughly awesome time right now! Are you setting up a booth again this year, or just going to hang out? Either way, I hope you'll come back with lots of pics!