Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skirt Turned Top

Another sewing post for you! Aside from making bags recently, I've also been altering this and that to make summer frocks for myself! A few weeks back, the mister and I stopped by Cheap Thrills to check out their semi-annual half price sale! One of my finds was a 70's teeny-tiny skirt with a print I about fainted over! Now, this picture below is not the actual skirt but a great representation of the style of the skirt before I started cutting it up!

I didn't try the skirt on when I bought it but I could tell it would be too small. I figured I could do something with that fabric though! While I could barely fit the puppy over my hips, it sat nicely above the girls so I decided to attempt a top!

I began by flipping the waistband under and pinning. When I reached the zipper portion, I unzipped and pinned the zipper under as well. Working with that zipper cut and not trying to fix it, created a nice V shape in the back! I then sewed down where I had pinned.

Next, I cut off the waistband just a bit off where I had sewed it down. The waistband would now become the strap to keep me modest :) Turns out, the waistband was the PERFECT length for the strap! I just pinned and sewed down the raw edges of the band followed by pinning and sewing the ends to the top! And VOILA! A new one-of-a-kind summery top!

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  1. It looks AMAZING on you! Nice work! I wish my "girls" would fill out a shirt like that lol.