Monday, July 26, 2010

It's All About the Hunt

The past weekend was a much welcomed without plans or obligations! Saturday morning, the mister and I awoke quite early and headed off to the flea market. While I usually score some awesome finds there, I only walked away with some golf balls (for the mister, of course) and a dog bone (for the beast). We scooted along town hitting the vet, bank and a few garage sales. I'm usually pretty lucky at garage sales as well but again, wasn't having any luck. We took one more turn down a random neighborhood street and FINALLY we came across a half-price estate sale! The mister and beast hung out in the air conditioned car while I ran in, fingers crossed, hoping to find some goods!

Alas, my luck had finally changed! While my scoring quantity was low, the quality was high. I picked up two vintage plastic spool and bobbin organizers which made me SO happy as I LOVE to organize and was tired of my previous ziploc storage situation. The first thing I did when we returned home was color organize those puppies! Next I picked up four 'Workbasket' magazines from 1974. There's LOADS of crocheting and knitting patterns in them. Not to forget the heeeeee-larious photos tucked away in those pages! They just might end up as switchplates in the future! And finally, the COOLEST cream, blue and green tablecloth with a little avocado green fringe!

I got back in the car a changed woman! Smiling from ear to ear and already planning what to do with my findings! There's something SO satisfying about hunting and hunting for good finds and finally finding what you didn't even know you were looking for! It's possibly one of my favorite things to do :)

As you've probably picked up on, I've been having fun playing around on my sewing machine and attempting to make this and that! After my successful satchel experiment, I decided to cut up the tablecloth to try some more bags!

First, I made another bag that mimicked the satchel from last week. Oh, and for your bit of history today, all of these purses were shot hanging from an antique electrical switchboard from Tulsa's own Sequoyah Elementary school.

Second, a smaller, more dressy number! I even did a little pleating on it! I'd never done that before! I guess I should also mention that I didn't use patterns or anything of the like, I just did my best eye-balling and finger-crossing!

Third, a more triangular handbag. I'm absolutely in love with this one :) I love how it showcases the purty birds from the fabric, the shape, the little pocket inside and the fact that I made this one with the leftover scraps from the previous purses!

Lastly, another scrappy creation, this time made from the leftovers from the satchel bag! Topped this guy off with a little whimsical cock-eyed pocket :)

I think I'm hooked on making these! I plan on searching a bit more this afternoon for some curtains, more tablecloths or blankets to cut up and make more! So here's my question for you: Do you think I should make some of these to sell??? Do you think the world would eat them up??? Is the world ready for them??? :)


  1. I cannot wait to see the switch plates from the knitting magazine!

  2. Judging by the fact that I totally want to buy one, I'd say you should definitely sell them! They totally rock!

  3. Absolutely make more to sell. They are too cute!