Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Improvement Staycation

I know, I know, I've been virtually hiding out for a little while now. I've needed a little decompression time since the Alliday Show which, was fantastic and will be covered in depth here and on the Alliday blog in the near future. We are already SO excited for next year and *whispering* are toying with a Holiday Alliday!

In the meantime, check out what's been filling my time!

The mister has been hard at work on our deck roof and is now halfway done! With all of this rain lately, it makes me dream of sitting on our future screened in porch reading with my fuzzies while the rain comes pounding down! Can't wait!

While the mister has been sweating outside, I've been busy sewing in cooler temps with the fuzzies. Sewing is NOT my forte but I sure have been having fun making summer tops for myself! I've also been making LOTS of new necklaces which, of course, will debut on here shortly!

As for the 4th of July holiday weekend, well, we opted to bunker down and hideout after two years of unfortunate 4th accidents. Instead we cleaned, organized and painted our kitchen! We got SO much done over the break!

I've been doing lots of joking about us living in PeeWee's Playhouse due to the plethora of colors that decorate our walls! We now have a yellow kitchen, pink bathroom, bright blue bedroom, blood red bedroom, green hallway, goldish living room, orange sitting room and brown office. Shew! We're just lacking black, purple and grey! Although, the mister is hinting towards painting the garage grey when we get to that point! I grew up in a house where repainting a room meant getting a fresh coat of Spanish White so I LOVE living in our bright and colorful house!

So here's the kitchen in progress! There really wasn't too much wall space to paint which made the job a quick one with the exception of keeping fuzzies out of the paint! They sure do like to help!

And the after! It's a bit of a dark picture so it doesn't quite show the bright yellow quality :) I whipped those curtains up while the mister did the taping! Previously there were some awesome eighties country curtains there. NOT our style.

Here's a sunlit picture that DOES show the bright yellow! Our cabinets are this sweet shade of green from the seventies so the yellow complements them greatly!

And finally, a little revamping of the front room. We removed our old Mayfest posters and replaced them with these cool wall art pieces from our neighbors. Much more mature in my opinion :) Moved some of the knick knacks around, placed our elephant table next to the piano and voila! Yes, we have a elephant table. And I love it :)

What do you think???

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  1. LOVE it...I have a yellow pretty close to that in my office. Makes me so happy!

    And...a holiday Alliday? HECK YEAH! If you decide it's a go-for-launch, I'll be there!