Friday, July 2, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: A Reflection

In addition to a photo full of fuzziness today, I thought I'd speak on the fuzzy subject!

I'm a cat lady. Some may even go so far as to call me a crazy cat lady. And I'm OK with with that :) Growing up, we ALWAYS had at least one cat thus, I've forever been comfortable with the feline variety. Our family didn't have dog until I was in middle school so dogs weren't as natural for me to deal with. Didn't help that our pup was raised in a four-cat household so she was part feline in a way!

Years passed as did our family's four-legged friends. As many of you know, death of a fuzzy friend is NOT easy to deal with. Perhaps it's the true unconditional love. Perhaps it's the crazy antics that keep you laughing for years to come. Perhaps it's the cuddling. Whatever it is, it's not easy.

Unfortunately, our family went through the loss of three elderly kitties and my grandpa within a short amount of time shortly after I received my undergrad and moved back to Tulsa. I lived in a sad little basement apartment during the winter months. Underground winter living = Inadequate emotional healing space. I needed to cope. I needed a fuzzy friend.

It was during this time that I discovered StreetCats, a non-profit, no kill cat rescue organization, who I have been volunteering with for the past eight years. I took a trip to 'just look' and came home with my grey fuzzy who is the epitome of lap cat. I think she has attachment issues. Seriously. A few months later, orange fuzzy was added to the mix. Those two little ladies got me through some lonely, tough times. They still continue to light up my life.

We've since been lucky enough to welcome two other fuzzies to the family - the beast and new fuzzy. I can't imagine a life without daily fuzzy entertainment, love and companionship. I write this, not to sadden anyone, but to briefly share (because I could truly go on for days) what joy animals bring into my life.

To end, a Fuzzy Friday photo finally :) Here's the o.f. (original fuzzy) and her new friend both waiting for the perfect moment to jump into their food-giver's warm lap. :)

Do you have fuzzy best friends? Has an animal changed the quality of your life?

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