Friday, July 9, 2010

Alliday & A Widdle More

Ok, so here's my *brief* recap of the Alliday week with pictures stolen from my sista :)

We held our first annual (perhaps semi-annual???) Alliday Show on June 26th and am happy to declare it a success! The show was held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and I must say, I enjoyed working with them greatly! It was a one-day FREE show which, I believe, was one of the key components to its success! The atmosphere was perfect, smiles were upon everyone's faces and sales were aplenty!

We learned so much from producing our first show! For example, next time around, we will be investing in much LARGER signs! (and perhaps taller ladders to hang them with ;)

Setup began on Friday afternoon while April and I were live on Oklavision! I was quite surprised how many people took advantage of setting up a day early! I know I appreciate that option when participating in a show, so it was important to us to provide that to our vendors! We even took advantage of it and here's proof. We usually stand around and stare at our tables for a good while before we finally decided how to set things up :)

There were so many wonderful and fun moments during the show, it's hard to recall them all! One highlight was getting to see SO many family and friends! My sis snapped a picture of me blabbing on about something to my parents! By the end of the day, my face hurt almost as much as it did after our wedding from smiling and talking so much!

The Monday before the show The Tulsa World contacted me about wanting to do a piece over the show! I quickly scrambled and got two absolutely fabulous Alliday artists, Nicki from The Gleeful Peacock and Beth from Art by Bethany, to join me for the interview! We really had NO idea what to expect but were SOOOOOOOOO pleased to open up the paper Saturday morning to read this fantastic article!!! It really helped bring people to the show! While we were chatting with the reporter, my sis snapped some, uh, really flattering photos. ;)

After the show and cleaning everything up, April, my sister and I journeyed back to my house to pop open a bottle of champagne! It felt so good to put my feet up and relax!
I know, I know, I keep mentioning my sister and you keep asking yourselves, "but I thought she lived in California??" Well, earlier this year, we planned a surprise homecoming trip for her around the show! I am NOT good at keeping secrets so this was ridiculously difficult for me but I did it!
Actually, everyone knew about the trip home except for my dad! She flew in ON Father's Day a few hours before the fam met at Kilkenny's for dinner. I strolled in a few minutes before the mister and my sister joined in so I could tape it and make sure everyone was situated. He was truly speechless and, I think, a little confused! It was a GREAT surprise and SOOOOOOO very nice to have her home to help out and hang out that week!!!

Not only was she here for Father's Day and The Alliday Show, she was also here for her 25th birthday! In fact, the Tulsa World interview was on her birthday! It was great fun getting to celebrate all together :)
Af and I spent hours watching old home videos together during that week which was such a great stress reliever! She usually stays with our folks when she's in town but this time, I got her! (mainly because she was my show worker bee all week!) In addition to old home videos, we found this old coffee cup at our grandpa's. Told you I've always loved green! ;) Check out our, uh, stellar fashion sense.
After the show and a busy, busy week, Af and I ran away to the woods to our family's cabin. It was much needed and well welcomed. During our drive out there, I had to slam on the brakes at one point to avoid hitting a bird. A peacock to be exact. Yes, a peacock in rural Oklahoma wandering the streets. Naturally. Apparently the folks who live there use peacocks as their guard dogs, and it worked! We pulled over to take a pic and the beautiful thing started barking at us! Hilarious and so strange all at the same time!

We talked, listened to music, ate, ate some more, and swam with the beast. It was the perfect end to the perfect week. Always hard to say goodbye.
And there you have it, my *brief* post! It's impossible, I'm long-winded! :) You'll get even more Alliday in the coming weeks as I'm picking up our professional photos tonight!!! Yay!!!
Did you come to the show? Did you have as fantastic of a time as we did????


  1. stop teasing with the semi-annual talk...make it a reality!! :)

  2. wow! Honored to be a double bill in this post with Alliday! It was indeed an awesome time and as I told you (but, I'll make public here) I'm SO very proud of you! I'm very fortunate to have an inspiring, talented, smart and loving sister.
    Ok Ok enough with the mushiness! You au gratin banana, you!

  3. You did SUCH an awesome job with Alliday, girl!!!!