Friday, July 30, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: Fuzzy Foursome

Again with the phone pictures! Please ignore the quality of the photo (and the dirty clothes ;) and just pay attention to ALL of the fuzzies together! Whatever room you lounge in, they will be there with you. I never feel alone with my fuzzy army behind me. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Skirt Turned Top

Another sewing post for you! Aside from making bags recently, I've also been altering this and that to make summer frocks for myself! A few weeks back, the mister and I stopped by Cheap Thrills to check out their semi-annual half price sale! One of my finds was a 70's teeny-tiny skirt with a print I about fainted over! Now, this picture below is not the actual skirt but a great representation of the style of the skirt before I started cutting it up!

I didn't try the skirt on when I bought it but I could tell it would be too small. I figured I could do something with that fabric though! While I could barely fit the puppy over my hips, it sat nicely above the girls so I decided to attempt a top!

I began by flipping the waistband under and pinning. When I reached the zipper portion, I unzipped and pinned the zipper under as well. Working with that zipper cut and not trying to fix it, created a nice V shape in the back! I then sewed down where I had pinned.

Next, I cut off the waistband just a bit off where I had sewed it down. The waistband would now become the strap to keep me modest :) Turns out, the waistband was the PERFECT length for the strap! I just pinned and sewed down the raw edges of the band followed by pinning and sewing the ends to the top! And VOILA! A new one-of-a-kind summery top!

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's All About the Hunt

The past weekend was a much welcomed without plans or obligations! Saturday morning, the mister and I awoke quite early and headed off to the flea market. While I usually score some awesome finds there, I only walked away with some golf balls (for the mister, of course) and a dog bone (for the beast). We scooted along town hitting the vet, bank and a few garage sales. I'm usually pretty lucky at garage sales as well but again, wasn't having any luck. We took one more turn down a random neighborhood street and FINALLY we came across a half-price estate sale! The mister and beast hung out in the air conditioned car while I ran in, fingers crossed, hoping to find some goods!

Alas, my luck had finally changed! While my scoring quantity was low, the quality was high. I picked up two vintage plastic spool and bobbin organizers which made me SO happy as I LOVE to organize and was tired of my previous ziploc storage situation. The first thing I did when we returned home was color organize those puppies! Next I picked up four 'Workbasket' magazines from 1974. There's LOADS of crocheting and knitting patterns in them. Not to forget the heeeeee-larious photos tucked away in those pages! They just might end up as switchplates in the future! And finally, the COOLEST cream, blue and green tablecloth with a little avocado green fringe!

I got back in the car a changed woman! Smiling from ear to ear and already planning what to do with my findings! There's something SO satisfying about hunting and hunting for good finds and finally finding what you didn't even know you were looking for! It's possibly one of my favorite things to do :)

As you've probably picked up on, I've been having fun playing around on my sewing machine and attempting to make this and that! After my successful satchel experiment, I decided to cut up the tablecloth to try some more bags!

First, I made another bag that mimicked the satchel from last week. Oh, and for your bit of history today, all of these purses were shot hanging from an antique electrical switchboard from Tulsa's own Sequoyah Elementary school.

Second, a smaller, more dressy number! I even did a little pleating on it! I'd never done that before! I guess I should also mention that I didn't use patterns or anything of the like, I just did my best eye-balling and finger-crossing!

Third, a more triangular handbag. I'm absolutely in love with this one :) I love how it showcases the purty birds from the fabric, the shape, the little pocket inside and the fact that I made this one with the leftover scraps from the previous purses!

Lastly, another scrappy creation, this time made from the leftovers from the satchel bag! Topped this guy off with a little whimsical cock-eyed pocket :)

I think I'm hooked on making these! I plan on searching a bit more this afternoon for some curtains, more tablecloths or blankets to cut up and make more! So here's my question for you: Do you think I should make some of these to sell??? Do you think the world would eat them up??? Is the world ready for them??? :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Satchel Tutorial

As I've briefly mentioned before, I've been dabbling in sewing lately. Now, It's DEF not my forte BUT I sure am having fun creating stuff! I've mainly been ravaging my closets and drawers for old clothes to cut up and revamp but last night, I brought an old, shrunken wool blanket back to life with the help of my mister :)

I'm so pleased with the outcome and the ease of the process that I thought I'd attempt my first tutorial! I find it a bit ironic that myself, a non-talented sewer, is creating a sewing tutorial. He he :) Hopefully it all makes sense!

To begin with, I had an idea in my head but wasn't quite sure how to execute it. I dug through the depths of my drawer 'o bags (I have a bit of a bag problem) and pulled out this guy whose style I liked and thought I could somewhat mimic.

Step two is figuring out where to cut! I'm not much of a measuring type gal so the fact that I had the checkerboard pattern to go off of helped a lot! I also had the help of my mister with this part. He's REALLY good at design and was an immense help to figuring out the logistics of the whole thing. Plus it was really cute to have him in there helping! :)

Please, if you are an actual talented sewer and find ways this could be done better, share your comments and ideas!

What I really loved about making this piece is that it is one continuous piece of fabric! There's minimal cutting and minimal sewing, making this a quick and easy process! I made my cuts right where I would sew as my edges will not fray so I did not need to hem anywhere. Depending on what type of fabric you use, you may need the extra hem space.

Again, I only took pictures with my phone so I apologize greatly for the quality and the lighting. In an effort to make up for the crappy pics, I whipped up a diagram (below) to help you make sense of everything!
The red lines indicate where you would fold your fabric. I first folded in the wing flaps and sewed them down to make little internal side pockets (one of the mister's great ideas!). You can keep them as super long pockets but I sewed a little line across the middle of the pockets so I could easily reach my phone when it's in there. You may want to make your flaps on the middle portion of the bag though to make your pockets on the BACK part of the purse. I'm fine with the way mine turned out but I think you could change it up a bit, should you like.
I used a long zig zag stitch throughout the entire bag for two reasons, 1) it's extra reinforcement and 2) it's the one stitch that I don't fight my machine over!
I next folded the bottom portion up (the portion with the now-sewed down flaps/pockets) to meet the middle section and slowly sewed the edges together. I only have one size sewing needle and all of these layers together were THICK so I took it slow and steady to not break the needle!

After you've sewed the bottom section to the middle section, just fold down the top for your fringed flap! I made a super long strap out of the scraps so I could carry it over my torso instead of just over the shoulder.
And the end result! Pay no attention to the blonde behind the curtain! ;)
And the inside! Since there were two flaps, I have a pocket on each side. I think something like this would also be cute for a little kiddo to carry around and stash rocks, cool leaves and perhaps a frog or two in during nature walks :) Perhaps out of an old pillowcase?
I'm SUPER pleased with how it turned out! So much so that I began carrying it today! So glad I didn't get rid of that blasted shrunken blanket!

So what do you think? Do let me know if you try it and of course, any pointers are greatly appreciated!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You, Woody

Another Woody Fest has come, gone and delivered good times as always. The heat this year was pretty brutal but nothing a loose fitting outfit and lots of water couldn't fix!

We usually camp throughout the entire festival but this time we only camped the first night before running off to my in law's house for A/C and actual bathrooms rather than port-a-johns!
Even though Woody can get pretty toasty, there's always places to hide out and listen to music. For example, Brick Street has a gigantic basement that some awesome acts play in during the day. I was lucky enough to have one of my high school friends pass through on Saturday during a trip from her home in Wisconsin. It's always a joy to show off Okemah to friends!

One of the few remaining theaters in the state, The Crystal Theater, also showcases many amazing musicians throughout the festival with Arlo Guthrie kicking the whole festival off on Wednesday night there!

The main street in Okemah, Broadway, is not only home to the Crystal and Brick Street but is also home to a beautiful Woody Guthrie park and statue.

To beat the heat while our misters played golf, April and I drove a few miles out of town to swim for a bit in Okemah Lake. It was a perfect break from the heat.

One of my few photos of folks, dark as can be. I wasn't the best picture taker this weekend, as you can see. As a matter of fact, I only took photos on my phone! Shame on me!

And the only picture of me mister and I, celebrating five years of meeting each other.

Another reason I was gung-ho about not camping as much this year was due to my sweetness to the mosquitos! I was eaten alive on day two! I was so itchy on the last day I even wore jeans in 100 degree heat to avoid more bites!
While the next location isn't indoors, it's still a perfect place to spend a few hours during the festival. Grape Ranch Winery is only a few miles outside of town and also has non-stop music playing. We were lucky enough to be there when the legendary Randy Crouch was playing!

In the evenings, the action is at the Pastures of Plenty where the big stage is full of fantastic acts.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Okemah produces the most amazing sunsets!

This is also where we set up our booth and sling the goods!

The ending act each year is Jimmy LaFave, a fave of my mine and my mister's. The last few songs Jimmy brings all of the singers and musicians on stage to sing together. This year was the first year I actually went up to the stage to watch closely and might I say, it was incredibly moving (AND I saw two ladies on stage that had bought jewelry from us that weekend!). They always end the festival with the entire pasture and those on stage singing This Land is Your Land together. It's so moving and is the perfect way to end a perfect and meaningful festival.

I truly hope that one of these years, you'll join us at Woody Fest and experience how special this event truly is.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take My Word

This weekend is a very important weekend for two main reasons. First, it's Woody weekend! Second, it's the five year anniversary of meeting my mister!

The Woody Guthrie Festival is SUCH a good time. Yeah, yeah, yeah it's hot, I know this, but it's totally worth it! What this festival celebrates and how they celebrate with non-stop, feel good music and wonderful, wonderful people makes it a festival I won't miss! It's family friendly, FREE and only an hour away from Tulsa and OKC, making it a great 'meet in the middle' spot for friends from all over the state! I will refrain from going on and on and will leave you with my posts from last year selling the festival and recapping the weekend.

We will be there from Thursday on so if you see us, make sure and say hi! It's truly a good-for-the-soul type weekend :)

Los Nuevos

A few more new baubles for the summer collection!


As I've mentioned many times before, I've got a problem with flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. A problem as in I buy waaaaaaay too much when I go and then have piles of surplus sitting about! Every once in a while I'll come across a heck of a steal, as I did a month or so ago. I picked up a HUGE bag full of old zippers and bias tape for a few dollars and played with lots of ideas on how to use them up. Well, the bias tape still sits unused but the zippers have been getting a lot of action lately! (that last sentence made me laugh :)

Introducing Zipper Necklaces! I'm enamored with them! They lay well, are all different colors and styles and are using up unused goods! Here's the lot I'm taking to The Woody Guthrie Festival with me!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Alliday & A Widdle More

Ok, so here's my *brief* recap of the Alliday week with pictures stolen from my sista :)

We held our first annual (perhaps semi-annual???) Alliday Show on June 26th and am happy to declare it a success! The show was held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and I must say, I enjoyed working with them greatly! It was a one-day FREE show which, I believe, was one of the key components to its success! The atmosphere was perfect, smiles were upon everyone's faces and sales were aplenty!

We learned so much from producing our first show! For example, next time around, we will be investing in much LARGER signs! (and perhaps taller ladders to hang them with ;)

Setup began on Friday afternoon while April and I were live on Oklavision! I was quite surprised how many people took advantage of setting up a day early! I know I appreciate that option when participating in a show, so it was important to us to provide that to our vendors! We even took advantage of it and here's proof. We usually stand around and stare at our tables for a good while before we finally decided how to set things up :)

There were so many wonderful and fun moments during the show, it's hard to recall them all! One highlight was getting to see SO many family and friends! My sis snapped a picture of me blabbing on about something to my parents! By the end of the day, my face hurt almost as much as it did after our wedding from smiling and talking so much!

The Monday before the show The Tulsa World contacted me about wanting to do a piece over the show! I quickly scrambled and got two absolutely fabulous Alliday artists, Nicki from The Gleeful Peacock and Beth from Art by Bethany, to join me for the interview! We really had NO idea what to expect but were SOOOOOOOOO pleased to open up the paper Saturday morning to read this fantastic article!!! It really helped bring people to the show! While we were chatting with the reporter, my sis snapped some, uh, really flattering photos. ;)

After the show and cleaning everything up, April, my sister and I journeyed back to my house to pop open a bottle of champagne! It felt so good to put my feet up and relax!
I know, I know, I keep mentioning my sister and you keep asking yourselves, "but I thought she lived in California??" Well, earlier this year, we planned a surprise homecoming trip for her around the show! I am NOT good at keeping secrets so this was ridiculously difficult for me but I did it!
Actually, everyone knew about the trip home except for my dad! She flew in ON Father's Day a few hours before the fam met at Kilkenny's for dinner. I strolled in a few minutes before the mister and my sister joined in so I could tape it and make sure everyone was situated. He was truly speechless and, I think, a little confused! It was a GREAT surprise and SOOOOOOO very nice to have her home to help out and hang out that week!!!

Not only was she here for Father's Day and The Alliday Show, she was also here for her 25th birthday! In fact, the Tulsa World interview was on her birthday! It was great fun getting to celebrate all together :)
Af and I spent hours watching old home videos together during that week which was such a great stress reliever! She usually stays with our folks when she's in town but this time, I got her! (mainly because she was my show worker bee all week!) In addition to old home videos, we found this old coffee cup at our grandpa's. Told you I've always loved green! ;) Check out our, uh, stellar fashion sense.
After the show and a busy, busy week, Af and I ran away to the woods to our family's cabin. It was much needed and well welcomed. During our drive out there, I had to slam on the brakes at one point to avoid hitting a bird. A peacock to be exact. Yes, a peacock in rural Oklahoma wandering the streets. Naturally. Apparently the folks who live there use peacocks as their guard dogs, and it worked! We pulled over to take a pic and the beautiful thing started barking at us! Hilarious and so strange all at the same time!

We talked, listened to music, ate, ate some more, and swam with the beast. It was the perfect end to the perfect week. Always hard to say goodbye.
And there you have it, my *brief* post! It's impossible, I'm long-winded! :) You'll get even more Alliday in the coming weeks as I'm picking up our professional photos tonight!!! Yay!!!
Did you come to the show? Did you have as fantastic of a time as we did????