Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping Crafts

As I mentioned before in my last post, I brought camping crafts with me to keep my hands busy! I left the jewelry goodies at home and just packed up a bag of old clothes and embroidery thread to get rid of!

Firstly, I had this dress that I used to wear ALL of the time in high school. I'm smitten with green and I have always loved the feel of this dress, hence why I still have it after 15 years! It didn't fit quite like it used to and the bottom was all torn but I knew I could figure out something to do with it!

Since it was only the bottom of the dress in bad condition, I decided to chop it off and make a tank out of it! The mister was ALL about using his box knife to make my cuts for me :)

Then I sat and worked for a short while on sewing a new hem.

And TaDa! I have a new tank! Project #1, Complete! But what next???

Up next on my crafting plate was to make something fun with this old shirt that, again, I've loved but it just didn't fit quite right anymore.

We found a tupperware lid that seemed to be the right size for what I was dreaming up so the mister did some cutting...

...and I had the beginnings of a bag!

I've only done a small amount of t-shirt projects but I have learned that it likes to sssssstrrreeeeeeettttttch out so I decided to line it with the bottom of the leftover dress from earlier so it wouldn't stretch as much! I sewed my little heart out for quite some time while the beast slept and the mister heckled ;)
After I put in my lining, I took a little more of the leftover green fabric and created a 'neck' into the purse. Not only did it make the bag a little deeper, but it also made it a little stronger. And you can never go wrong with more green!

Finally, I took what scraps I had left and made some checkerboard straps for the bag!

All the while, I used a large rock as my handy side table and filled it with random scraps, pins and beverages :)

And after many hours of hand-sewing in the fresh air, I had finished my first purse! And I've been carrying it for days now! Here's the beast doing a little modeling :)

For not being much of a sewer, I must say I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm also quite proud of the mister for all of his help and input :) One more thing that made our trip perfect!

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