Friday, June 18, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: Extreme Closeup

This is typically how you see this fuzzy. She's always as close to your face as she possibly can be!

Photo courtesy of an old friend and house guest a few weeks back :) Fuzzy was camped out on her chest even though she's allergic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mooooooooore Neeeeeeeeeew

And here are my new ones which will also be at The Alliday Show NEXT SATURDAY!!! Don't forget about the triple switchplate giveaway which ends next week!!! Enjoy all of the newness!

This next puppy is a converter! Wear it as a long necklace...

...or wear it short with a matching bracelet!!!

This next one is so looooooooooong it takes up two screens! Made from all reused and vintage beads and three metal bracelets! Not to mention that it wears perfectly!

This statement piece can be flipped around for a totally different look!

Which one do YOU like???


April's new little baubles, hot off the press! All of these lovelies will be debuted at The Alliday Show which is only ELEVEN days away!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

An Alliday Giveaway!!

Hey kids! I've got a treat! A treat in the form of a GIVEAWAY!!! I have NEVER done a giveaway before even though I've talked about it for the past year! Better late than never! ;) So to kick this thing off right, we'll have THREE winners! What can you win? A pair of switchplates made from old magazines! Here they are:

The Loungin' Pair

The Offbeat Pair

The Watery Pair

Ok, so how can you win? Simple. Spread the Alliday word. It's only 15 days away and we need everyone's help letting the world know! How do you do that? Here are your options:

* Blog about the Alliday Show

* Tweet about the Alliday Show

* Mention the Alliday Show on Facebook

* Or link this giveaway to the world!

See, easy! After that, just leave a comment on THIS blog so you can be entered! If you don't have a blogger account, make sure to leave an email address for me! This contest will end at 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, June 23rd so you have a week and a half! Winners will be randomly chosen! Good luck!!!

Here are links you can use to share:

The Alliday Facebook Page

In other news, I finally bit the bullet and am now on Twitter! Find me! It's taking a while to learn all of the ins and outs but I'm learning, slowly but surely! @Sheez_Krafty

ALSO, if you're new to the craft show circuit and are wanting some pointers, check out my post on our Alliday Blog for LOADS of tips!

Until later!

Fuzzy Friday: Workin' Out

The fuzzies always manage to get some exercise, one way or another...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: Seeing Red

Here's the three feline fuzzies in shades of red, yet not seeing red :) Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Weekend in Paris...

...Paris, Arkansas to be exact.

So as I've mentioned before, life's been pretty chaotic lately and while I've been jonesin' for some R&R, the mister's been jonesin' for some fishing and camping. We decided to take a few days off of work and drive the three hours to Paris, Arkansas to go camping where I grew up camping, Cove Lake, halfway up Mount Magazine, the highest point in Arkansas.

Beginning when I was about four years old, my family would pack up and camp out there with friends at least twice a year for about a week at a time. I knew that place like the back of my hand and have memories upon wonderful memories associated with the small lake and trails. The last time I was there? When I was 17 or 18 years old which would be about 12 or 13 years ago. Lay your eyes on this gem...I was probably about 13??? This is on the top of Mount Magazine with my little (now taller) sister. Check out my fashion tastes!

One of the nicest parts about this trip is that it was just myself, the mister and the beast. Granted, we made lots of Arkansan friends out there, but all in all, it was just the three of us for four glorious days.

When I was in my late teens, my family went through some pretty hellacious storms atop the mountain and decided it would safer for us in situations like that if we stayed in a camper, thus a pop-up was purchased. My folks still had that same pop-up and after a few minor repairs and replacements, it was ready to be used again! It was so much fun to go back through those drawers and be thrown back into my teen years!

We cooked most of our meals over the open fire with the exception of our breakfasts which I cooked on the propane stove hooked up through the camper. Here's the beast and myself during said breakfast time :) I'm modeling my apron I tie-dyed on my birthday last year!

Cove Lake is a mighty small area but has some very special spots tucked away in it! This gigantic rock is affectionately known as Turtle Rock. Throughout my years there, I've even seen someone pitch a tent and sleep all night on this rock! The beast had quite the time getting to the top of it :)

The lake is quite small as well but perfect for canoeing and hiking around which I used to LOVE to do growing up! I took my menfolk on a three-mile hike around that puppy on our second day! Here's the only picture of us from the trip together! Guess we need to pack another photographer on our next trip ;)

On this particular hike, the beast pointed out an armadillo to us (thank goodness he was leashed or that armadillo would have been mincemeat!) who then led us to three more armadillos! It was a rolly poly family! The only place I have EVER seen live armadillos are on that mountain!

Another cool little hidden special spot is an old marker along the hike that notes where a couple was married in the late 1800's and then later buried in life together there. Unfortunately, things had overgrown quite a bit so I was unable to find the exact spot. Next time...

We had SUCH a perfect time out there singing, reading, crafting (coming up on another post!), cooking, eating, talking, laughing, swimming, breathing deep and just enjoying each other and the beautiful smells and sounds of Cove Lake.

It couldn't have been a better trip than what we experienced. We are already compiling our list of what to pack next time...which will be soon :)

Camping Crafts

As I mentioned before in my last post, I brought camping crafts with me to keep my hands busy! I left the jewelry goodies at home and just packed up a bag of old clothes and embroidery thread to get rid of!

Firstly, I had this dress that I used to wear ALL of the time in high school. I'm smitten with green and I have always loved the feel of this dress, hence why I still have it after 15 years! It didn't fit quite like it used to and the bottom was all torn but I knew I could figure out something to do with it!

Since it was only the bottom of the dress in bad condition, I decided to chop it off and make a tank out of it! The mister was ALL about using his box knife to make my cuts for me :)

Then I sat and worked for a short while on sewing a new hem.

And TaDa! I have a new tank! Project #1, Complete! But what next???

Up next on my crafting plate was to make something fun with this old shirt that, again, I've loved but it just didn't fit quite right anymore.

We found a tupperware lid that seemed to be the right size for what I was dreaming up so the mister did some cutting...

...and I had the beginnings of a bag!

I've only done a small amount of t-shirt projects but I have learned that it likes to sssssstrrreeeeeeettttttch out so I decided to line it with the bottom of the leftover dress from earlier so it wouldn't stretch as much! I sewed my little heart out for quite some time while the beast slept and the mister heckled ;)
After I put in my lining, I took a little more of the leftover green fabric and created a 'neck' into the purse. Not only did it make the bag a little deeper, but it also made it a little stronger. And you can never go wrong with more green!

Finally, I took what scraps I had left and made some checkerboard straps for the bag!

All the while, I used a large rock as my handy side table and filled it with random scraps, pins and beverages :)

And after many hours of hand-sewing in the fresh air, I had finished my first purse! And I've been carrying it for days now! Here's the beast doing a little modeling :)

For not being much of a sewer, I must say I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm also quite proud of the mister for all of his help and input :) One more thing that made our trip perfect!