Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Switchplate Facelift

Let's hear it for compound nouns! As you can see, my switchplates display takes quite a beating during a show and since I've been in the middle of the switchplate factory and need more room, I decided it was time for a facelift!

The gold wooden box was once an old Dr. Pepper bottle case. It had a layer of paint on it when I inherited it so you can only see a faint outline of the logo. I love the size, the rustic feel and above all, I love how easy it is to transport! I then had my heart set on another similar type of bottle case.
I searched high and low through the flea market week after week which is, of course, one of my favorite past times! It wasn't until Easter weekend when the mister and I headed to Okemah that we came across one of those side-of-the-highway flea markets. Most of the merchandise there varied from confederate flag bathing suits to half used bottles of this and that. It was THAT kind of flea market. BUT, to my elated surprise, I found another bottle case for $5! I probably could have done some haggling with the price, as I usually do, but I was ready to get the beast and mister back in the car to continue our journey.

The case had little dividers in it which the husband took great pleasure in knocking out with a hammer. I then took to scrubbing the puppy down. I'm pretty sure it had been stored in a barn or the like for a number of years. Took a while to get all of the mud-dobber nests out. YUCK.
As I looked at it more and more, I noticed that the logo was for Favor Flavors which, according to Tulsa TV Memories was described as this by one of their contributors.
The soda place on Admiral was called Favor Flavors (I don't know why I remember things like this). I remember being impressed when the crates of soda were pushed along the series of rollers that acted like an assembly line (I was easy to impress as a child).
I also learned from that site that it was located just east of Memorial on Admiral and you could buy a whole crate of soda along with the crate which is more than likely how I ended up with one!
HOW COOL!!! It made my $5 find priceless! I asked my dad if he remembered Favor Flavors as he knows all about Tulsa history. He responded by saying that was that rapper guy with the clock. Close, Daddy. Close. ;)
Moving on. I also decided that it was about time to purchase a laminator. I realize how big of a nerd I am for wanting a laminator BUT I can use it for SO many things, like school, shows, my folks' office and more! I did some photoshop nonsense with a photo I took of finished necklaces hanging and really liked the effect so I made them into my new switchplate signs!
I also jazzed up my labels for two reasons: 1) I was bored with what I already had and 2) I needed to broaden my categories! There's a few that actually made me laugh out loud :) You'll have to come visit us at Blue Dome next weekend to read all of my signs AND to see the hundreds of new plates I've been churning out!
After my laminating and trimming session, I then cut some foamcore to fit the insides of my cases so the plates wouldn't become a jumbled mess during a show! Such an easy fix! Wish I'd thought of it years ago!
Finally (and not photographed), I stuck some large rocks from the backyard behind each row to keep the plates in good position and so they could lean back in a leisurely fashion :)
Ending this post now with an unrelated flea market find, this one from our own Tulsa Flea Market! I found this over a year ago, again for 5 smackers! Remember, my mister is from Okemah and it's also where we met! Imagine my glee when I came across this! Check out that phone number!
The moral of this post? Visit your local flea markets and learn more about where you live. You'll be amazed at what you find!

Until later!

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  1. Hello there - i have been searching for something with favor flavors on it for a week now because my grandmother remembers this soda very fondly and said she wanted something (be it a bottle or whatever) with the logo on it - Do you have any leftover from this craft or have any idea on how to pick this up? my email is da_big_aarooni@yahoo.com - please reply if you have any idea