Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Fave Five

So today, in an effort to kill sometime, I decided to share with you five blogs that I LOVE. Enjoy!

The Call of the Small - I never knew I liked miniatures until I came across this blog! It makes me wish I was a miniature so I could live in the rooms she creates!

Free Therapy - One of the funniest blogs out there, in my opinion! I went to college with this gem and boy oh boy can she make you laugh!

Ann Wood - I am enamored with her creations, especially the large owls and the dreamy ships! Her creations take me to different la-la land :)

New Dress A Day - Talk about inspiring! This lovely lady has committed to creating 365 outfits within 365 on a budget of $365. It's amazing what a few minutes and some ingenuity can create!

Alliday Everyday at (for some reason the embedding isn't working on that link!) - Didn't think you'd get away without a little Alliday plug, did you? ;) Lately we've been showcasing some our vendors for the June show! Soon, we'll have tips for vendors and much more!

What are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. looking forward to discovering some new to me bloggers thanks for the links off to visit them now

  2. ooh that new dress a day blog is awesome! she does such a good job.. thats dedication! i always read regretsy and cakewrecks daily... those are the two i make a point to check!