Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fiber Fest, With Hay and All!

This past Sunday was Fiber Fest! No, it wasn't a festival to make you eat more fiber but rather a celebration of the fiber arts! I learned so much! This event was organized and put on by the fabulous make:Tulsa which I STRONGLY encourage all those who love to make things to join! You won't be disappointed!

We were the ONLY jewelry artist there which made our sales fabulous! A show where we are the only jewelers? Well, it's happens about as often as Hailey's Comet comes around! Here's our humble abode. Small corner? No problem! We'll make it work! And we did!

I was introduced to so many new things at this show! Have you ever seen a knitting machine??? We had two right next to us! Talk about an intimidating looking contraption! A weaving loom? Much less intimidating and much more intriguing for myself :) There were even spinning wheels made from PVC! Awesome!

It was such a joyful, peaceful vibe there. A perfectly relaxed show with wonderful people and good music :)

Did I mention the show was in a barn located on a picturesque field? Did I also mention that the weather was absolutely killer? I SO wanted to lay on the lawn and take a nap!

It's only been two days since the show but I'm already ready for next year! Maybe by then I won't be as intimidated by knitting :)

Until later!

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  1. Okay, now I really regret not going. I'm such a loser! I'm definitely going next year, no matter what. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the photos, too. At least I can get a little glimpse at how fun it was.