Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Dome Recap

Well, Blue Dome has come and gone! Last year we fought high winds and sunburn weather while this year we fought lots and lots of rain! The first day of the festival, Friday, was the rainiest so we weren't quite sure what we were going to do...we finally decided to go for it! There weren't many people set up that day and there weren't many people out shopping BUT the people who were out shopping were actually SHOPPING so sales were great that rainy Friday!

Our tent had few little leaks on Friday but thanks so a little ingenuity, an umbrella and zip ties, the leak was fixed! Plus it made people smile :)

Friday night our friend Sarah of Santiquity came to join us! The mister and the beast came up for a while on Saturday and snapped this pic of us ladies. Makes me laugh :)

A while back at the Flea Market I picked up this antique wire display stand for the goods! It's from the mid-twenties, folds up and is PERFECT for our needs! I rigged up two broken neck forms to hang on the top of the rack so we could display more necklaces without taking up precious table space! Yay! I also got to use my little aluminum serving trays, which were also a Flea Market find, to display our rings, pins and wrapped rocks! This area was my fave!

We also figured out a way to put the wire display walls to better use! One of our biggest problems with them is that the feet are SO big that people always trip over them! The mister supplied us with some zip ties and VOILA! hanging walls that can't be knocked over! Plus with all of the rain, we needed to use our tent walls which made the necklaces POP!

Here's the lady April saying hello :)

Some bracelets and Sarah's scarves and necklaces.

One more new display addition were these wire leaves that April found for $3 at Hobby Lobby! She picked up 4 of them and we used them for earring displays! They were great! Everything just seemed to come together for this show!

Here's a view from our end of the street. You can see a big water mark on the street which was from the tops of our tents periodically dumping water out on folks. Pretty funny, actually! :) I was actually QUITE a fan of the weather this year! The winds were fairly non-existant so you weren't having to fight to keep your displays upright, the sun wasn't barrelling down on pale folks like myself and the temperatures were PERFECT for being outside all day! sure there were some sprinkles, but they made the experience that much more of, well, an experience! :)

If you didn't make it out this year, make sure you don't miss it next year! The beast will be waiting to say hi!

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  1. You girls always look great at shows- yourselves and your booth! ;-)~