Monday, May 24, 2010

Barkin' in the Park

I've been lacking on my Fuzzy Friday posts lately and I've no excuse except that I've been beyond busy lately! We've got only THIRTY-THREE more days until the Alliday Show (!!!!!) so I've been busy getting all of that together! Yesterday though, I was able to take a breather and enjoy a day at the new Tulsa Driller Stadium for Bark in the Park! We met up with another couple and their red dog who is the beast's girlfriend! There were SO many dogs everywhere and they were all SO well behaved! It was a bit warm so we kept pouring water on the pups and soaked their free bandannas in water to cool them off. Of course the beast did some awesome panting which got him on the Jumbotron! He was famous! Here's some pics to sum up our day in the park :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mish Mash

So my awesome, awesome AWESOME friend over at Free Therapy hooked me up with this little blogger award, which, I believe is just some doohickey devised to kill time. I need to kill some time and yes, I just typed doohickey ;)

Rules for this time killer? Share seven little known doodads about yourself. A few of mine are even inspired by FT.

1. I've been wearing men's Old Spice deodorant for over ten years simply because I LOVE the way it smells.

2. During my teenage years, I was in three beauty pageants. I know, it's hard to believe. I'm glad I did them though because they changed me. They made me realize who I DID NOT want to be. They made me who I am today. As a result, I abhor children's pageants. Any sane person should.

3. I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones movies, Rocky movies (even though I LOVE Sly) nor any of the Lord of the Rings movies. I figure when I'm on my deathbed I'll just have a movie watching marathon to say I finally watched them. <--that probably won't ever happen ;)

4. I don't eat fish. We have three tanks at home and I've always grown up with them. I have a hard time getting over the idea that I'm eating my pets. They are just so cool to watch! On the flipside though, I do enjoy the peacefulness of fishing! But I can't touch the fish if I catch one. And I always throw them back.

5. I have an extraordinarily long tongue thus, I have a plethora of tongue tricks. The ultimate one? I can swallow my tongue. It's great when I think I have strep as I can feel if there are little infected areas in there! Gross, I know. That's another fact I guess. I get strep more than the average person. Perhaps it's because I can swallow my tongue...hmm...

6. I can pop almost every bone in my body. The most random? My tailbone. And if I don't pop it about once a week or so my hip HURTS. Like right now. It's been needing to be popped for about three days now. Any day now, fingers crossed.. The one that is most chill-inducing for others? My elbows and wrists. I don't even notice that I do it.

7. I feel like this last one should be something mighty spectacular! Alas, all I have is this one - I eat spaghetti in every single country I travel to. The best? It's a toss up between Mexico (mmm, spicy ghetti) and the Czech Republic (lots of cheesy goodness!).

So now I'm supposed to link some more folks onto this award-winning time killer. Since I'm lazy today though, I tag you if you want to be tagged :)

Blue Dome Recap

Well, Blue Dome has come and gone! Last year we fought high winds and sunburn weather while this year we fought lots and lots of rain! The first day of the festival, Friday, was the rainiest so we weren't quite sure what we were going to do...we finally decided to go for it! There weren't many people set up that day and there weren't many people out shopping BUT the people who were out shopping were actually SHOPPING so sales were great that rainy Friday!

Our tent had few little leaks on Friday but thanks so a little ingenuity, an umbrella and zip ties, the leak was fixed! Plus it made people smile :)

Friday night our friend Sarah of Santiquity came to join us! The mister and the beast came up for a while on Saturday and snapped this pic of us ladies. Makes me laugh :)

A while back at the Flea Market I picked up this antique wire display stand for the goods! It's from the mid-twenties, folds up and is PERFECT for our needs! I rigged up two broken neck forms to hang on the top of the rack so we could display more necklaces without taking up precious table space! Yay! I also got to use my little aluminum serving trays, which were also a Flea Market find, to display our rings, pins and wrapped rocks! This area was my fave!

We also figured out a way to put the wire display walls to better use! One of our biggest problems with them is that the feet are SO big that people always trip over them! The mister supplied us with some zip ties and VOILA! hanging walls that can't be knocked over! Plus with all of the rain, we needed to use our tent walls which made the necklaces POP!

Here's the lady April saying hello :)

Some bracelets and Sarah's scarves and necklaces.

One more new display addition were these wire leaves that April found for $3 at Hobby Lobby! She picked up 4 of them and we used them for earring displays! They were great! Everything just seemed to come together for this show!

Here's a view from our end of the street. You can see a big water mark on the street which was from the tops of our tents periodically dumping water out on folks. Pretty funny, actually! :) I was actually QUITE a fan of the weather this year! The winds were fairly non-existant so you weren't having to fight to keep your displays upright, the sun wasn't barrelling down on pale folks like myself and the temperatures were PERFECT for being outside all day! sure there were some sprinkles, but they made the experience that much more of, well, an experience! :)

If you didn't make it out this year, make sure you don't miss it next year! The beast will be waiting to say hi!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New for the Dome!

Here's a little teaser of the new goods we will have at Blue Dome which starts TOMORROW rain or shine! Don't forget the HUNDREDS of new switchplates, LOADS of new rings, and TONS of pins! You won't want to miss our booth this year! OH! And did I mention the MASSIVE half price bin! That's right, we're spring cleaning which means HOARDS of savings for you!

A few of my new ones....

...and a few of Aprils!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Fave Five

So today, in an effort to kill sometime, I decided to share with you five blogs that I LOVE. Enjoy!

The Call of the Small - I never knew I liked miniatures until I came across this blog! It makes me wish I was a miniature so I could live in the rooms she creates!

Free Therapy - One of the funniest blogs out there, in my opinion! I went to college with this gem and boy oh boy can she make you laugh!

Ann Wood - I am enamored with her creations, especially the large owls and the dreamy ships! Her creations take me to different la-la land :)

New Dress A Day - Talk about inspiring! This lovely lady has committed to creating 365 outfits within 365 on a budget of $365. It's amazing what a few minutes and some ingenuity can create!

Alliday Everyday at (for some reason the embedding isn't working on that link!) - Didn't think you'd get away without a little Alliday plug, did you? ;) Lately we've been showcasing some our vendors for the June show! Soon, we'll have tips for vendors and much more!

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's that time of year again! Springtime storm season! Oh, and Blue Dome! ;) This festival is SOOOO much fun and is packed to the brim with local artisans!!! It's a fabulous, FABULOUS time! We will be there with ALL sorts of new goodies!!!

The festival begins on Friday, the 14th from 11 - 9; goes into Saturday, the 15th from 11-9; and wraps up on Sunday, the 16th from 11-5!!! You can easily find us on the North side of 2nd Street!!!

Don't forget that there are TWO other arts festivals in the streets of downtown this weekend as well! Take the time to visit Mayfest and The Brady Arts Festival! Of course, come by Blue Dome first ;)

Can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fiber Fest, With Hay and All!

This past Sunday was Fiber Fest! No, it wasn't a festival to make you eat more fiber but rather a celebration of the fiber arts! I learned so much! This event was organized and put on by the fabulous make:Tulsa which I STRONGLY encourage all those who love to make things to join! You won't be disappointed!

We were the ONLY jewelry artist there which made our sales fabulous! A show where we are the only jewelers? Well, it's happens about as often as Hailey's Comet comes around! Here's our humble abode. Small corner? No problem! We'll make it work! And we did!

I was introduced to so many new things at this show! Have you ever seen a knitting machine??? We had two right next to us! Talk about an intimidating looking contraption! A weaving loom? Much less intimidating and much more intriguing for myself :) There were even spinning wheels made from PVC! Awesome!

It was such a joyful, peaceful vibe there. A perfectly relaxed show with wonderful people and good music :)

Did I mention the show was in a barn located on a picturesque field? Did I also mention that the weather was absolutely killer? I SO wanted to lay on the lawn and take a nap!

It's only been two days since the show but I'm already ready for next year! Maybe by then I won't be as intimidated by knitting :)

Until later!

Switchplate Facelift

Let's hear it for compound nouns! As you can see, my switchplates display takes quite a beating during a show and since I've been in the middle of the switchplate factory and need more room, I decided it was time for a facelift!

The gold wooden box was once an old Dr. Pepper bottle case. It had a layer of paint on it when I inherited it so you can only see a faint outline of the logo. I love the size, the rustic feel and above all, I love how easy it is to transport! I then had my heart set on another similar type of bottle case.
I searched high and low through the flea market week after week which is, of course, one of my favorite past times! It wasn't until Easter weekend when the mister and I headed to Okemah that we came across one of those side-of-the-highway flea markets. Most of the merchandise there varied from confederate flag bathing suits to half used bottles of this and that. It was THAT kind of flea market. BUT, to my elated surprise, I found another bottle case for $5! I probably could have done some haggling with the price, as I usually do, but I was ready to get the beast and mister back in the car to continue our journey.

The case had little dividers in it which the husband took great pleasure in knocking out with a hammer. I then took to scrubbing the puppy down. I'm pretty sure it had been stored in a barn or the like for a number of years. Took a while to get all of the mud-dobber nests out. YUCK.
As I looked at it more and more, I noticed that the logo was for Favor Flavors which, according to Tulsa TV Memories was described as this by one of their contributors.
The soda place on Admiral was called Favor Flavors (I don't know why I remember things like this). I remember being impressed when the crates of soda were pushed along the series of rollers that acted like an assembly line (I was easy to impress as a child).
I also learned from that site that it was located just east of Memorial on Admiral and you could buy a whole crate of soda along with the crate which is more than likely how I ended up with one!
HOW COOL!!! It made my $5 find priceless! I asked my dad if he remembered Favor Flavors as he knows all about Tulsa history. He responded by saying that was that rapper guy with the clock. Close, Daddy. Close. ;)
Moving on. I also decided that it was about time to purchase a laminator. I realize how big of a nerd I am for wanting a laminator BUT I can use it for SO many things, like school, shows, my folks' office and more! I did some photoshop nonsense with a photo I took of finished necklaces hanging and really liked the effect so I made them into my new switchplate signs!
I also jazzed up my labels for two reasons: 1) I was bored with what I already had and 2) I needed to broaden my categories! There's a few that actually made me laugh out loud :) You'll have to come visit us at Blue Dome next weekend to read all of my signs AND to see the hundreds of new plates I've been churning out!
After my laminating and trimming session, I then cut some foamcore to fit the insides of my cases so the plates wouldn't become a jumbled mess during a show! Such an easy fix! Wish I'd thought of it years ago!
Finally (and not photographed), I stuck some large rocks from the backyard behind each row to keep the plates in good position and so they could lean back in a leisurely fashion :)
Ending this post now with an unrelated flea market find, this one from our own Tulsa Flea Market! I found this over a year ago, again for 5 smackers! Remember, my mister is from Okemah and it's also where we met! Imagine my glee when I came across this! Check out that phone number!
The moral of this post? Visit your local flea markets and learn more about where you live. You'll be amazed at what you find!

Until later!