Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something to Smile About

Last week was a busy week of random small shows, one of which was at my grandma's retirement community which is also one of the places I teach ESL! While I knew it wouldn't be a high dollar show, it was rewarding in so many other ways! I LOVE this community and I LOVE spending time with my Mimi, who is one of the most creative and vivacious women I know!

Isn't my Mimi adorable!?!?!

Unfortunately for sales, most of the vendors were jewelry artists BUT I was lucky enough to be next to a mother/daugher/daughter trio of amazing artisans and wonderful women! One of the sisters, Dawn makes the most uh-mazing hand-stitched beaded jewelry! I'm a beader but I can't imagine doing this much detailed bead work by hand! My jaw was constantly on the floor looking at her stuff! Check out how amazingly talented she is here.

It never seems to fail that when we participate in a show that is not monetarily successful, we always end up meeting the most amazing people! Much like Nikki, at the Gleeful Peacock who I now consider a friend! There's always something good that comes out of every show :)

Remember the other small show we did at TCC last week? Well, we won the Viewers' Choice Award! Looks like I'll be getting a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby! Woohoo!
If you've got a little time and are wondering who will be at the Alliday Show, make sure and check out our Alliday Blog which we are beginning artist interviews on! Yay!
Until later!

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