Thursday, April 8, 2010

Small Shows = Big Emotional Rewards

You may remember last year when we taught a beginning jewelry-making class at TCC to my ESL students. Well, TCC gave us another awesome opportunity yesterday when they had their first Arts & Crafts show at my campus! It was rather small and short but so much fun!

We were encouraged to demonstrate our craft and have activities for attendees to do so a fellow teacher and I set up an earring making station! During the two-hour event, I helped about 15 people make their very own pair of earrings! It was SO rewarding to see people so proud of their creations and to see them make something they didn't know they could do!

We had a small little setup which was ideal for me since I didn't have time to set up a large booth nor lug everything around as I was doing the show between two of my classes!
Attendees were encouraged to vote for their favorite booth, hence the 8, which will be the Viewers' Choice Award! Below is one of my current students who was the first to make her own pair of earrings which she promptly gifted to another teacher. So cute!

Another fabulous thing about this event was the variety of vendors! We had a quilter, who I spent much time speaking with about the quilting process; a former student who makes flowers out of colored pantyhose and wire; a knitter; a booth with hand scrubs made from coffee grounds; a tutorial on how to make flowers out of bar napkins (ha!); fine jewelry; and a talented charcoal artist!
Randomly enough, I have ANOTHER middle of the week show tomorrow at my grandmother's retirement village which is also where I teach another ESL class! They do a small arts and crafts show there twice a year and I was lucky enough to be sought out to participate! My grandmother is SO excited about helping me out! I'll share photos and deets from that show soon!
Until later!

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  1. Looks like a good little show. I've never made any jewelry. When/if you have another class, I'd be interested in participating!