Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small Canvas, Big Nerves

So my mom and sister are artists. As in they can draw, paint, charcoal...the whole nine yards. Myself, well, I draw horrible stick figures on the board in class to convey my messages. Pretty entertaining really. So my mom is going full force with her painting, all the while documenting it here, and got me interested in the 5x5 show! I know I'm not artsy in the artsy sort of way ;) but I sure can create with magazines and beads!

I decided to pull out the old '73 magazines found in my grandpa's house and got to snipping! The mister questioned my ability to put all of the cutouts on the small 5x5 canvas, rightfully so. I'm trying to teach myself to edit more, as I can tend to go overboard when I design :) I'm a bit over the top in general :)

I scaled down the pieces I wanted to work with and ended up definitely going with Beethoven (which was an image on a child's sweatshirt) and an array of crafting scissors! Here's a sneak peak!

My century-old sheet music made it in the mix as well! I'll be putting finishing touches on tonight and will share the finished product soon! I've never attempted to make 'art' art before...a little nervous about its reception!

Until later!

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