Thursday, April 1, 2010

On the Road Again

Howdy Folks! Grand apologies for missing my last Fuzzy Friday post but the past week has been a whirlwind! A week ago today, I packed up my overnight bag and my vintage briefcase to head to Oklahoma City and Norman with an old and awesome friend of mine! It's not often that I get to take a day off of ALL of my work and play around in a different city!

Since my friend had other business to tend to, I planned on doing much Alliday Show pimping and some store networking! I packed up Alliday flyers, many business cards, a selection of necklaces, earrings and rings and my tools in case some jewelry needed fixin' :) I laughed at myself several times while carrying around my briefcase filled with business! I think I'm going to single-handily bring them back!

I'm a big fan of face-to-face interactions (which is one of the many reasons I love selling my goods in person!) so I had a fabulous time visiting all of the awesome shops and talking to the kickin' people who run them! I was also elated to have Birdie take a few of our items into their shop! If you've never been in there before, make sure and plan a trip! SO many beautiful things to want to take home! Good thing I was broke, otherwise I would have needed a rolling suitcase to take home all of the beautiful things! Ha!

Here's a shot of my lovely friend and I enjoying a cold one at the Oklahoma City McNellies! I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful time it was to catch up, laugh and spend a few days together!

My friend and I returned back to Tulsa late Friday, just in time for me to repack and head to the Hard Rock Casino to spend Saturday night with my mister for our two-year anniversary! I'd never been there before and what quite impressed with our little Vegas! The mister and I had a fabulous time dancing, laughing, sharing cigars, talking, unsuccessfully gambling and just plain having fun together! Amazing that it's already been two years!

And now I find myself almost through with yet another week. And in another month. Time flies is quite the understatement :)
Have you had any exciting road trips lately? Or days worth celebrating?

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