Sunday, April 25, 2010


Photographic evidence of the switchplate assembly line. So far I've completed around 100 yet I still have another 100 or so to go :) Obviously, there will be LOTS of new ones at our upcoming shows! One of which is next Sunday....more info on that show soon!

I was also busy finishing up my 5x5 last week! Here's the finished product! I call it, "Beetty Was a Cutup" and yes, of course I have reasonings :) If you recall, I have never really produced much wall art at all and was quite apprehensive in tackling this! Then I remembered, art if subjective. There's not template for what art is and we all create it in our own ways! Just as good 'ol Beethoven made amazingly complex and beautiful music, I cut crap up and put things on string. Yes, I may not change the world with what I create BUT I am creating, nonetheless. So yes, I am an artist :) Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that :)

I basket wove some of my century old sheet music as my backdrop, and covered it with Beetty and crafting scissors. On two opposite edges, I shaved off the backs of some vintage buttons and affixed them for a little something extra. I quite like the way the buttons FEEL on the side! I'm quite pleased with it which, is quite important in ANYTHING I create but especially this one as we may end up with it back if it doesn't sell! Ha! I wouldn't mind this hanging in our house :) Whimsical and odd as it may be, I like it :)

(a few more buttons were added to the sides after this picture was taken and can somewhat be seen in the above switchplate drying photo)
Hasta pronto!

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