Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Inspiration: 1973

Hello out there! This week hasn't exactly gone as planned. I've got a million and a half items on my to do list to knock off this spring break YET I go and get sick! I spent the last two days curled up in bed with all the fuzzies and the Twilight series - don't judge! I'm FINALLY feeling back to normal and must work overtime to get my list completed! Thought I'd give you guys some eye candy first though :)

If you remember, I'm in the process of hammering out a few hundred switchplates for our upcoming spring shows and during said process, I'm come across some stellar '73 mags from my g-pa's house. The lovely ladies over at Mama Says Vintage often share old magazine articles, recipes and much more from the past and, taking a cue from them, I decided to share some of the fun stuff I found in one of the least the only one I've scanned in so far! :)

If you found yourself bored in 1973, you could always order the patchwork place mat and pillow set to make! Wouldn't that make a splash in your house!

Or you could get a steal with these marked down needlepoint kits! Funny how that little owl is such a fascination right now, just as much as it used to be!
Then, of course, there's the things that 'make my eyes happy' as my mom says. I love all things green so of course I fell in love with this green and white sitting area. Especially loving the Asian figures on the wall! Reminds me of these little statues my Mimi has that I've always loved.
Then there was this pretty little ad. Green hues, peaceful girl curled up with her fuzzy! Perfection!
Sometimes we get so caught up in the here and the now that we don't think to look back; to look at things that inspire us from the past. What things from the past inspire you today?

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  1. Baggy sweaters from the 80's, oversized glasses, long necklaces....tight pants...with stirrups (I wish). Really though, I think about Granny's coral lipstick a lot but, sadly it makes me look like a tranny...I still wear it.
    Looking forward to my new set of patchwork place mats. :)