Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End...Like Spring Break

The last day of spring break is today. Bittersweet really. I've LOVED having the mental free time to work on the Alliday Show,, and to prepare for all of our upcoming Spring shows! I've also missed being the crazy teacher that I am! I've missed acting things out, standing on desks, drawing stick figures to convey meaning and I've just missed being immersed in the international classrooms I find myself in! A break is always nice, yet is always nice to get back into the game!

So what have I been doing this week besides being sick, reading, cooking and sleeping? Well, I've been making millions of switchplates! Ok, maybe not millions but at least a few hundred! I've never made this many at a time and I must say, it's becoming a bit monotonous. BUT while it can be mind-numbing, it's a craft that I can sit around and do ANYWHERE with anyone around! At least this phase I can do anywhere :) Here's some photographic evidence for you...

Have you recently celebrated a Spring Break? Or any sort of break? What did you accomplish and what did you do to relax? :)

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  1. The fact that spring break is almost over isn't bittersweet to me- it's just plain bitter lol. I don't want it to end yet! I've been doing a little bit of crafting, a whole lot of movie watching, and hanging out with my man who took a few vacation days so that we could stay home together. It's been dreamy!

    I kinda want to come observe you teach sometime. It sounds like so much fun in your class!