Friday, February 19, 2010

What's on Your Walls?

Ever find life getting a little crazy? I'm in one of those periods right now. How do I get through it all? I create in the evenings. It keeps me sane. And it's fun :)

Last week I stepped away from jewelry again and worked on some wall art!

In the midst of cleaning out my grandpa's house, we discovered an old arrowhead collection as well as two of his old shop keys that no longer were needed. I thought it would be fun to clean these items up and display them in a new way. Found a cheap, discounted frame, grabbed some leftover pillow-fabric, a little stuffing and finally some hardcore glue! Here's a looksie before everything was affixed. Turned out quite nicely! I can't wait for him to see it!

My next project was to bring a beautiful stain-glass piece from his house back to life! I've spent much of my life admiring this and wasn't about to let it go anywhere!

All I needed for this diddy were some vintage orange beads and some pretty chain I had stuck away. Ta Da! It will look so pretty in his sunroom window! I'm a little jealous it's not staying at our house actually!
No worries though, I made something for our walls as well! Being the 'collector' that I am, I, of course, had inherited a family member's match collection. It's done nothing but sit in a box for 15+ years so I decided to do something with it after seeing a post somewhere out there about displaying matches!
I dug through the collection and picked out my faves. I really enjoyed the vibrant, offbeat ones.

I simply cut a piece of foamcore out to fit my discounted frame and played around with placement of the books for a good hour or so. After I chose the layout, I just glued the puppies in five rows with five books in each row! It turned out great!

I'm so glad they aren't stuck in a box anymore and can now be admired! We're still working on finding it the perfect wall space so, for now, it's a wandering nomad in the house :)

Have I ever told you that April and I are both ex-framers? Yup, we worked at different stores but we both framed art for a summer or so many moons ago! I was anti-framing for many years but am obviously getting back into it again! I've always thought that if the teaching and krafty thing didn't work out, I could always be a framer! ;)
Have you been doing any random projects lately? Playing with different mediums? Were you also a framer?

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  1. I meant to post on this entry! I like all three of your projects.