Friday, February 12, 2010


Shame on me! Friday has arrived and I've no fuzzy photos to share! I can offer a fuzzy update though: the brood is getting along famously well and I'm even more enamored with our newest fuzzy than I was last week! Even though she is a few years older than the original fuzzies, she acts like she is a six month old kitten! Oh the laughs she provides!

Over the past week, I've set the beads aside and I've been playing with my sewing machine nonstop! So far, I've made one pillow to match one I hand-sewed last year, I've fixed three shirts that had seams ripped and I've doctored up an old 70's pillowcase that I couldn't bear to throw away!

Yesterday, I checked out some discount fabric bins and found a good amount of fabric to make some jumbo pillows for our nephews! Two of the pillows will have dinosaur fabric on one side with orange backing one and blue backing the other. The third pillow is some color blocked fabric of the blue and orange together. I'm so happy with how they are turning out! Here's a couple progress pictures.

In completely different news, my grandma is famous! Well, kind of famous ;) My mom opened up the paper yesterday to see my grandma playing Wii for an add of the retirement center she lives at! How much fun is that?!?!

Is she not the cutest thing ever! She embodies the phrase 'young at heart' like no one else!

Randomly enough, I will be teaching an ESL class for her retirement community's staff starting next week! I can't wait to start another class, make a bit more money, help the community AND hang out with my grandma more! Times are good!

I hope times are good for you! Any Valentine's Day plans? I've no clue if we're doing anything! To me, a nice relaxing day at home with my mister is gift enough!

Love to you all!

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