Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Horses, Earrings and Pillows

This past weekend, the mister and I jetted off to a tropical paradise!

Ok, I fibbed a little :) We went to Okemah to FINALLY do Christmas with the in-laws! It was an Alliday for us! We both needed to get away so the trip was quite welcomed! It was an adventure getting there though; our usual one-hour drive turned into a three-hour drive due to a downed bridge, confusing country roads and our inability to follow directions! We welcomed the extended adventure :)

Got to spend time with the horses on the land and got to get away from the city!

The beast DID NOT know what to think of those horses though! To him, they were the largest dogs ever and he sure let them know it!

They were so sweet even with the beast going crazy! So pretty :)

I was also able to finally give the nephews their pillows I made! Remember, this was pretty much my first big sewing machine project! You can see they were well received!

On our drive home, we decided to take the scenic route home so we could stop by Dripping Springs which has the most beautiful dam! I'd actually never seen it with water coming over the top!
So nice to get away but now, it's back to reality! Lesson planning, show planning and jewelry making!
Before we left town on Saturday, I had to make my weekly run to the Flea Market where I found this! I've got a weak spot for ceramic hands!
I've been knee deep in earring findings lately. Sometimes it's nice to work on smaller projects like earrings or rings. I've been in a blue mood the past two nights...

Tonight I will ravage another box of beads...wonder which color will speak to me then! Until later!


  1. You are so talented, and I am so jealous! I can't wait to find my wedding dress so I can coax you into making me some fab jewelry. ;)

  2. Dripping Springs is a place I know very well, because I was born in Okmulgee. I actually like it there, but I can't say as much for the rest of the area. ;-)~ Your nephew is SO CUTE all buried under the pillows you made, which turned out very well I must say. Also, would it make you mad if I told you that the hand would probably creep me out a bit me if I saw it in my room in the middle of the night? It looks like it's beckoning...

  3. Dripping Springs looks really nice! And your nephew's pillows are awesome! I love dinosaurs! :) Thanks for the congrats and I'm already writing down projects I want to try for the wedding! I love planning, too! My favorite part about craft shows is drawing out my booth displays and writing tons of lists.. Haha it's fun!

    Speaking of-- I've recently seen info for the show you are doing in June-- the Alliday show! Looks like fun, expect me to be applying.. I've been wanting to do a summer show!

  4. sounds like a great getaway! and how cool to get christmas in february? Sounds like you guys had fun!~