Friday, February 26, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: Forever Friend

Told you I loved ALL things fuzzy! ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Horses, Earrings and Pillows

This past weekend, the mister and I jetted off to a tropical paradise!

Ok, I fibbed a little :) We went to Okemah to FINALLY do Christmas with the in-laws! It was an Alliday for us! We both needed to get away so the trip was quite welcomed! It was an adventure getting there though; our usual one-hour drive turned into a three-hour drive due to a downed bridge, confusing country roads and our inability to follow directions! We welcomed the extended adventure :)

Got to spend time with the horses on the land and got to get away from the city!

The beast DID NOT know what to think of those horses though! To him, they were the largest dogs ever and he sure let them know it!

They were so sweet even with the beast going crazy! So pretty :)

I was also able to finally give the nephews their pillows I made! Remember, this was pretty much my first big sewing machine project! You can see they were well received!

On our drive home, we decided to take the scenic route home so we could stop by Dripping Springs which has the most beautiful dam! I'd actually never seen it with water coming over the top!
So nice to get away but now, it's back to reality! Lesson planning, show planning and jewelry making!
Before we left town on Saturday, I had to make my weekly run to the Flea Market where I found this! I've got a weak spot for ceramic hands!
I've been knee deep in earring findings lately. Sometimes it's nice to work on smaller projects like earrings or rings. I've been in a blue mood the past two nights...

Tonight I will ravage another box of beads...wonder which color will speak to me then! Until later!

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's on Your Walls?

Ever find life getting a little crazy? I'm in one of those periods right now. How do I get through it all? I create in the evenings. It keeps me sane. And it's fun :)

Last week I stepped away from jewelry again and worked on some wall art!

In the midst of cleaning out my grandpa's house, we discovered an old arrowhead collection as well as two of his old shop keys that no longer were needed. I thought it would be fun to clean these items up and display them in a new way. Found a cheap, discounted frame, grabbed some leftover pillow-fabric, a little stuffing and finally some hardcore glue! Here's a looksie before everything was affixed. Turned out quite nicely! I can't wait for him to see it!

My next project was to bring a beautiful stain-glass piece from his house back to life! I've spent much of my life admiring this and wasn't about to let it go anywhere!

All I needed for this diddy were some vintage orange beads and some pretty chain I had stuck away. Ta Da! It will look so pretty in his sunroom window! I'm a little jealous it's not staying at our house actually!
No worries though, I made something for our walls as well! Being the 'collector' that I am, I, of course, had inherited a family member's match collection. It's done nothing but sit in a box for 15+ years so I decided to do something with it after seeing a post somewhere out there about displaying matches!
I dug through the collection and picked out my faves. I really enjoyed the vibrant, offbeat ones.

I simply cut a piece of foamcore out to fit my discounted frame and played around with placement of the books for a good hour or so. After I chose the layout, I just glued the puppies in five rows with five books in each row! It turned out great!

I'm so glad they aren't stuck in a box anymore and can now be admired! We're still working on finding it the perfect wall space so, for now, it's a wandering nomad in the house :)

Have I ever told you that April and I are both ex-framers? Yup, we worked at different stores but we both framed art for a summer or so many moons ago! I was anti-framing for many years but am obviously getting back into it again! I've always thought that if the teaching and krafty thing didn't work out, I could always be a framer! ;)
Have you been doing any random projects lately? Playing with different mediums? Were you also a framer?

Fuzzy Friday: Frenemies

Grey fuzzy isn't as sure about the new fuzzy quite like the other kids but she's beginning to warm her new sister and in the sun :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fuzzy Friday: FEAST Your Eyes on This

It's a fuzzy feast!!! And now, a fuzzy family :)


Shame on me! Friday has arrived and I've no fuzzy photos to share! I can offer a fuzzy update though: the brood is getting along famously well and I'm even more enamored with our newest fuzzy than I was last week! Even though she is a few years older than the original fuzzies, she acts like she is a six month old kitten! Oh the laughs she provides!

Over the past week, I've set the beads aside and I've been playing with my sewing machine nonstop! So far, I've made one pillow to match one I hand-sewed last year, I've fixed three shirts that had seams ripped and I've doctored up an old 70's pillowcase that I couldn't bear to throw away!

Yesterday, I checked out some discount fabric bins and found a good amount of fabric to make some jumbo pillows for our nephews! Two of the pillows will have dinosaur fabric on one side with orange backing one and blue backing the other. The third pillow is some color blocked fabric of the blue and orange together. I'm so happy with how they are turning out! Here's a couple progress pictures.

In completely different news, my grandma is famous! Well, kind of famous ;) My mom opened up the paper yesterday to see my grandma playing Wii for an add of the retirement center she lives at! How much fun is that?!?!

Is she not the cutest thing ever! She embodies the phrase 'young at heart' like no one else!

Randomly enough, I will be teaching an ESL class for her retirement community's staff starting next week! I can't wait to start another class, make a bit more money, help the community AND hang out with my grandma more! Times are good!

I hope times are good for you! Any Valentine's Day plans? I've no clue if we're doing anything! To me, a nice relaxing day at home with my mister is gift enough!

Love to you all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Television Debut

It's been a few months since this actually aired BUT here it is! Check me out on Oklavision pimpin' the goods! The page takes a little time to load...enjoy!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning in the Winter

I've been crazy busy lately with school, the Alliday Show (applications are up!!), cleaning out my grandpa's (more on that in a later post) and much more. All of this busy-bodiness leads to lots and lots of stress cleaning for me! I deal with stress through hardcore cleaning. And I love it. This weekend I lamed it up and cleaned from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. Here's the pictures to prove it!

First up, the kitchen corner. So we've got this random corner that is bricked in our kitchen. Originally it housed a Benjamin Franklin wood burning stove. Well, the stove didn't work when we moved in and we looked at it as wasted space so we pawned the puppy off on my folks :) Then the space became a catch-all for plants, animal food bowls, and run down fish tanks. Friday night we emptied everything out of that space and started fresh..and this was the outcome! We now have a little-mini fridge in the corner (which the mister scored for free from work!), the 'animal station' and our fancy schmancy trash can all in one area! Ahh, it feels so much better!

Then I moved on to our spare bedroom/my workstation/new fuzzy's headquarters. I've posted many times about cleaning and organizing in this room, the most recent move documented here. Things needed to change a bit as we've acquired a new cat who requires more than one litter box and I've acquired all sorts of little trinkets we've dug out at my grandpa's (don't worry, he's still alive and well!) so we needed to make a little room for stuff.

Here's the TV and litter corner. Yes, that is an old school Nintendo I've got there. Want to come over for some Tetris matches???? I hid the new litter box under a end table not being used, used an oversized scarf to cover up the mister's massive cd collection on the bookshelf and moved around some knick knacks from the rest of the house to create this! I think it's a million times better than what it was!

Here's a bit of a closeup. Used some other random scarves to wrap around a plastic flower pot and pulled out a pretty display of tiny trinkets I've collected over the years.

Cool little candle holder my grandma used to burn incense in, a wooden box with mother of pearl birds which is FILLED with part of my match collection (you can't be the daughter of a man who calls himself the Master of Fire and Light without a match collection!) and a little lamp to set the mood.

On the other side of the room, or where the creative magic happens, I needed to shift things around to house this! What in the world is it, you ask? Well it's an old school typewriter table that my grandpa used to type up invoices on when he had his machine shop! I LOVE it!!! The ends of it flip up for more desk space and it has a little drawer for little doodads. Can't forget the way the bottom is designed for maximum foot space!

I received a sewing machine for Christmas, which I've only learned how to turn the light on so far yet more amazing things are sure to come, which needed a home. You tell me that little typewriter table isn't PERFECT for it!!! I just can't get over how they were made for each other :)
I even got down and dirty and cleaned out the dreaded bottom shelf which is usually a catch-all for anything and everything. Used some undershelf storage baskets and found homes for other randoms so now I have a clean and organized bottom shelf! Yay!
And finally, I snagged this little shelf that housed spices above my grandparents' stove for 30+ years. I wasn't sure where it would go when I took it but it found the perfect home holding old gelatin mold glass dishes I was passed down which I use to store actively used beads! All six of them fit like a glove!
Am I the only one who loves cleaning and organizing this much? Does it make you feel as accomplished as it does me? What makes you feel like you've gotten something done?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fuzzy Friday

A trio of hunters prepare to pounce...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Go Time!!!

Ok, kittens...the details are being released now!!!!!! Check out for details about our upcoming arts and craft show!!! Also, don't forget to become a follower of which will showcase artist interviews, show information and much much more!!!

*links weren't working for some reason, hence why I typed them out*