Thursday, January 28, 2010

A State Of Emergency

Looks like Oklahoma is in for it! Our entire state is under a 'state of emergency' (makes me think of that beautiful Bjork song) due to a 'potentially catastrophic' winter storm that is beginning to hit right now. Oh joy. Weather like this though does make work in the electrical contracting field mighty interesting! Many Oklahomans aren't looking forward to a repeat of the December 2007 ice storm, myself included!

The really crappy part about this weather system? Well, there are many organizations having fundraisers this weekend and when you put a half-inch of ice on the roads, well, many people tend to stay at home. When you've put so much time and effort into planning a large event like that, the show must go on! I'm sending all of the positive energy I have to all of the organizations facing this problem and hope that things turn out well for you! We have donated many pieces to many organizations lately, two of which have events this weekend!

Firstly, Tulsa Opera is having a fundraiser Saturday night where you can find this piece and another that I can't find a picture for! Figures ;)

Then Sunday afternoon, StreetCats is hosting My Furry Valentine. You may remember my post about this event last year. This little heartwarmer will be in their silent auction :)

And finally, we've donated two pretties to a fundraiser for an Oklahoma City elementary school which the name of has escaped me! Guess I have ice storm brain today ;)

In other news, we are SO close in releasing all of the information about our upcoming craft show! I can tell you to save the date though...June 26th in Tulsa!!!! Plan on it!!!
Did I mention that I've FINALLY been putting goodies on our etsy site??? FINALLY! Looks like my list of things to accomplish this year is off to a good start :)
Until later!

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  1. You ladies are all over the place! I love the fact that you donate so many items to events for charity. I can't wait to hear about your upcoming craft show! My life will hopefully be a little less crazy during the summer, so I might even be able to come out and say hello to some of my favorite crafty gals.