Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Two more weeks and back in the classroom I go! In the meantime, I've been cooking, cleaning, beading, wiiing, working, singing nonsensical songs to the fuzzies and tending to my mister who has a jacked up neck. What's that? Less talk, more pictures? Well, ok, if you insist! Here's a few snippets from the past week.

Cooked my first turkey using my Granny's beloved cookbook that I inherited.

The best part of the cookbook? All of my Granny's handwritten notes on the recipes :)
I must say, turkeys are super easy to cook, taste delish, feed a ton BUT are royally gross to stick your hand inside to pull out the grody stuff!
Vegetarians look away! Here's our demolished turkey after we each practiced some not-so-perfected carving skills.
April and I scooted out south to the Vintage Tulsa Show which was much like the Flea Market, minus the crap booths (no offense crap booths!) where you have to pay $5 to get in. We got SO much stuff there! AND I got a killer deal on these vintage Bakelite stud earrings! They make me smile :)
A funny little story about that show. You may or may not know that I come from a family of collectors. My mom has collected antique books, baskets, bells and other doodads while my dad has collected antique cigarette lighters, lanterns, flashlights, flint and steel and anything else that makes light or fire. Growing up, I spent many weekends on antiquing road trips or traveling the nation for different shows, mainly lighter shows. Not going to lie, I learned more from the history of lighters and flashlights than I ever did in the classroom! Long story short, at this Vintage Tulsa show, I witnessed a boy, maybe 9 or 10, buying a lighter while his mom told the vendor that he had decided to start a collection, a lighter collection. I fought the urge to inform them that that may turn into a lifelong collecting problem :)
Finally, I got a last minute order to do a wedding necklace for a friend of a friend. I'm nearly done now and I am enamored with it! She requested a deep cerulean blue, pearls and a dark, almost gunmetal, silver, multiple strands with a flapper-vibe. It's been a fun one! I'll share the finished product soon :)
Until later snookums!!!

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