Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Belated Holidays

Have you ever bought a present but forgot about it or ordered something and it came late? Well, one of my presents for the mister came New Year's Eve and was one of those forgotten gifts! Sometimes, those forgotten gifts are the best ones though! Check out the pillowcase I had made for the mister with the beast on it! How freaking funny is that?!?! Bet you can't guess which side of the bed I sleep on. ;)

Since Christmas was delayed (still haven't even done Christmas with the inlaws!) and presents came late, I thought I'd do my New Years business late too. :) So here we go!

Hmm. What to I aspire to do this new year, this new decade? Hmm. I suppose you can call these resolutions or just things I wish to accomplish.

*Continue jogging and run in a 5K.
*Organize and host a kickin' new craft show in T-Town (that's right, you heard it first!)
*Go to a state or country I've never been to before.
*Survive tornado season in OK bravely. Me no likey tornadoes :(
*See my sister more than once this year.
*Have the most successful year of teaching I've ever had.
*Learn how to prepare artichokes without buying them in jars, how to make a pie crust from scratch, how to make gravy (I know Moma, you've showed me how before but I just can't quite get it...) and to make my own pasta.
*Take more weekend trips JUST to see my friends. No weddings, no shows, just to hang out :)
*Organize my dad's office (this could be one of the most difficult goals to meet ;)
*Conquer my new sewing machine!
*Teach the beast to carry a backpack.
*Finally have my garden party I've been mentally planning forever.
*Be more helpful in the garden with the mister - he'll certainly appreciate this one!
*Continue to keep my health in check.
*Witness or participate in a flash mob.
*Be MUCH better about posting things on Etsy.
*Drink less pop, eat more spinach. Mmmm spinach.

Man, that's hard to think about! I'm sure there's a million more things that I would like to do in the next 360 days but we'll just leave those swimming around in my head for now :) We'll see how I'll do! Perhaps I'll update you with my progress come mid-year and of course, close to the dawn of 2011!

Until later!


  1. a flash mob? that sounds scary... :)

    i can't help you with many of the items on you list but i can say this: pie crust = easy! Preparing artichokes (unless you want to eat the tiny bite on each leaf) OVERATED! especially if you need several hearts. gravy, i'm still working on it, too, sistah. and i only tried pasta once, a ravioli and i failed big. let me know how you do!!

  2. Good luck to you! I think I can help with the pie and gravy, artichokes, it's just easier out of the can!

  3. I got your back on the craft show! I will be the first one to sign up! So glad you found me on blogger!


  4. hmmm, the craft show thing sounds interesting! i'm putting ideas together for a "fiber fest" maybe...keep us all posted!

  5. Happy New Year! Great resolutions, and that pillow is too fun. BTW, love the quilt!