Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As many of you know or have picked up on, I really like to clean and organize. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a little series on how to organize goodies on here. That's how much I enjoy it :) I have issues. More than I can count. And I'm proud of it.

So the past two evenings have been spent cleaning cleaning cleaning my workspace up. This really needed to be done since we've added the new fuzzy addition. Apparently, she's a big fan of knocking beads around the floor and chewing on wire that didn't make it to the trash. I've been fuzzy-proofing the place.

One of my five million issues is scouring the flea market and garage sales for cool old earrings, pins, buttons, and anything else that can live on a wire. I take the finds and place them on an old sterling silver tray that was my Great Granny's that serves as my inspiration board and catch all for shiny goodies. It's been a long time since I've cleaned that puppy out well. I began by pulling everything off of the platter and grouping things together by color, meanwhile removing items that I don't see myself working with anytime soon. These items are passed along to others who share my passion for repurposing :)

The mister pegs me as a closet hoarder. I respond by reminding him that at least I'm organized and clean!

After going through all of the baubles and color grouping them, I replaced them back on the platter in a circular rainbow pattern making things easier to go through and prettier to look at.

And, TaDa! You now have, not an eyesore, but a pretty visual feast to peruse! Oh, my OCD Great Granny would be proud!

Until my next adventure!

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