Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Homemade Christmas Cards

Yes, I know I posted yesterday about how Christmas has come and gone but I thought I'd still share my Christmas cards with you regardless :) There are plenty other holidays and, I'm sure, birthdays that you could make a variation of these for!

Because I'm insane and don't think I have enough to do already, I decided to make my own cards this year! Using super old card stock from my middle-school scrapbooking days, I scored the middle of the paper and created a card. I then used a corner cutter to round the edges of the card. I took an old book of poetry that was falling apart and on its way to the trash and pulled out poems involving winter, the new year and holidays.

Then I played around with crazy scissors and cut out the shapes of Christmas trees and snowmen. The snowmen didn't go so well so I only made a couple of them :) I just eyeballed my cutting. You could do a heart for V-day, a shamrock for St. Paddy's, a cupcake for a b-day and so on! Main rule here is to be creative!

I used my trusty ol glue stick to stick these puppies on, affixing them off-center just a bit.

Next I found some old ribbon I had stashed away - the kind with wire in the edges. I found the wired ribbon was super easy to work with on this project. I cut the ribbon about an inch longer than the card so I could fold it over the edges. I simply used double-stick tape to adhere the ribbon to the cards! I had intended to cut another sheet of cardstock to affix to the inside of the cover so you wouldn't see the ribbon folded over but ran out of time and figured my recipients wouldn't care :)

My finishing touch, which I of course didn't photograph, was to sift through my fortune cookie fortune collection to find some touching or funny fortunes for my message! I just glue-sticked the fortune on the inside where a traditional greeting would go and VOILA I was done!
The best part about this project? I bought nothing except for the envelopes to mail them in which I'm sure I could have made but time was of the essence :)
So did you send Christmas cards this year? Did you make your own? It's a tradition that I hope to continue well into the future!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas A Good Christmas!

Hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone! This year my sister was in town which made the holiday that much better! We began our festivities the day she arrived by having some toddies, pizza and decorating cookies with my folks! I don't believe we've done that since I was a little kid!

For the next couple of days we did last minute shopping and had lots of meet ups with old friends! One of my favorite things about the holidays are all of the imported friends that show back up!
As has become tradition for the past six years, my sister and I headed to Borders on Christmas Eve morning to wrap presents to raise money for StreetCats. It's such a fun day to be volunteering! People are in a different, uplifting spirit and it's so enjoyable to help out a bit :) Doesn't hurt that I love to wrap presents!

After wrapping, I hurried home to pack up the car and head to my mister's hometown of Okemah for the night. Sometime that morning, I decided it was a good idea to make scarfletts for practically all of my family members! I believe I ended up making about 10 of them in 24 hours?!? My brother-in-law snapped a pic of me working on one of the many.

Since my mom had restocked the cookie-making supplies for our decorating night, I thought it would be fun to decorate again with our nephews! I have never seen such heavily iced and sprinkled cookies! They had a blast :)

Sure hope Santa isn't diabetic! ;)

After opening presents and seeing what Santa brought on Christmas morning, we packed up and headed to Broken Arrow for brunch at my Papa's. We ended Christmas day hosting my family, Mimi and uncle with a spaghetti dinner, presents and a little Mario Kart! It was such a wonderful way to end the day :)
I suppose now it's time to pack up Christmas and begin to look towards the new year! Seems a certain fuzzy is ready to help pack up the Christmas cards....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Make:Christmas Recap

This past Saturday, a rowdy bunch of Make:Tulsa folks hauled their wares to Ida Red for a Make:Christmas!

We each had a small table area to set up our booths and then 'worked' a ten hour shift to the many, many shoppers! I squeezed all of my goods (minus my bags) into my little space and worked my selling magic! I always find it so interesting what sells at each show. For example, at Deluxe last weekend, my necklaces were being bought like mad but at this show, earrings and switchplates were being scarfed up left and right! You can never tell what the public is going to be hungry for, I guess!

Each maker brought some homemade treats, too! It's a good thing I'm not too much of a sweets person otherwise, I would have gained 15 pounds just from grazing that table during the day!

There was a pretty good assortment of vendors there, in fact, I did lots of my holiday shopping from other vendors! I must keep my purchases hush hush though until after the holidays :)

To my right was Crochet by Sherri Lee and her beyond precious grandbaby who was SUCH a trooper throughout the entire show! I was SO impressed by her! Sherri is the patient soul who retaught me how to crochet - and she made it stick somehow!

And to my left was Gleeful Peacock run by Nikki, who is one of my favorite people! It was a blast hanging out with her all day :) Next to her was SomerKnits who was one of our vendors at the Holiday Open House! I picked up the absolute cutest knitting ornament from her!

Across the way was the ever-inspiring Weather & Noise and Hollyrocks who is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

I failed in snapping shots of Sunshine and Carousels and The Greener Me but they finished rounding out our crafty family for the day!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day shared with amazing women in an awesome Tulsa shop!!

I hope you have fantastic holidays, leisurely breaks and safe travels! Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Make:Christmas

If you're anything like me, you've barely begun your Christmas shopping. Oops :) Luckily for people like us, tomorrow Ida Red is hosting a Make:Christmas! There will be a good handful of the make:Tulsa crew set up from 11-9 with all sorts of handmade goods! Did I mention that we're all making holiday snacks too?!? All the more reason to come by!

In addition to bring FORTY brand new switchplates I'll have with me, I'll be bringing some new necklaces! Here's a taste of what you might see :)

The awesome wooden leaf beads were brought to me from Perth, Australia :)

Hope to see you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deluxe: Six Hours of Awesome

Last weekend was the crazy-good Deluxe! It was literally non-stop traffic and non-stop sales! It's been such a joy to see how this show has grown into such an amazing event! Back in winter 2008, I somehow heard about this show and decided to apply! I loved the vibe of the show and the organizers really kicked ass! I knew I would be back for future shows! And now, four Deluxes later, I'm still coming back!

Somewhere in the middle of the day, I finally found time to raise my arms and take some photos of the whole show! Just look at the amount of people shopping!

Then I swung around and took a quick picture of the booth while there was no one in there, which was a challenge! The mister joined me for this show while his brother also spent a good part of the day with us! I was a true treat having them there with me :)

I did take a little advantage of the season and used some snowman props. This guy helped me sell lots of zipper necklaces...

...and this guy helped move lots of rings!

I used some vintage tablecloths that I had bought to cut up but could never bring myself to do! I loved that they added just a little something extra to the booth :)

I hadn't used the ol' drying racks for a long time but since we were taking my tiny car, I couldn't fit the large walls in so I packed a drying rack for earrings and bags!

Since my mister is injured still, my pops helped me finish up a second display board. I LOVED how they looked lined up! I also raised that table which brought necklaces closer to people's natural eye level! I moved SO many necklaces at this show and I believe the boards and raising the table helped immensely in that!

And of course I had to do a little shopping at the show! Picked up a few Christmas presents and bought this kickin' luchador mask for a dirty santa party we attended later that evening! So I leave you with the only picture of me at Deluxe this year. And a fabulous one at that :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Open House Recap

Yesterday was our second annual Holiday Open House and I'm happy to report that it was, once again, a success! Cold as it may have been, people still journeyed out and supported the local handmade community! Here's a wrap, holiday pun intended, in pictures!

HUGE thanks to the talented folks who participated - Carla Hefley Art, SomerKnits, Santiquity Farm Girl Fiber - and to those who came out and shopped!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

You're Invited! Holiday Open House!

It's that time again! Time to support your local artists and shop handmade!

Last year April and I hosted a Holiday Open House at her house on a whim and it was SUCH a wonderful time! This year we thought it would be fun to include a few other creators and we did! This Sunday the works of SheezKrafty, Santiquity, Carla Hefley Art, The Gleeful Peacock, Vanessa Somerville Ceramics, Farm Girl Fiber and SomerKnits will be joining us! We would LOVE to have you come and share this afternoon with us! There will be food, drinks, chatter and LOTS of amazing handmade gifts! The open house is THIS SUNDAY from 12-4! For address and directions, email me at! We truly hope to have you!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Come, Have a Seat!

Our Thanksgiving holiday was VERY low key as the mister ended up having to have surgery on his poor widdle middle finger on Wednesday morning. We weren't sure if he would feel up to doing anything, so we cancelled our holiday plans. Instead, we just relaxed and relaxed. Well, he did ;) I cooked a mean traditional Thanksgiving meal and he did his best to eat while I filled myself to the rim! Mmmmmm!!!

Following our meal, I got back to tackling my never-ending to-do list, which I LOVE to do! Seriously! At the top of that list was to put out Christmas!

We usually put our tree in the living room but this year, I suggested we put it in the sitting room. And we did. And I LOVE it! So here's a tour of our tree and of our sitting room :)

Atop my Great Granny's old record player sits a holiday adorned lamp and a beautiful print from Audrey Eclectic.

An old printing press drawer is home to tiny things I just can't bear to toss. You can usually find these pretty inexpensive and the possibilities for them are endless! I've had this one for YEARS. The awesome striped chairs are hand me downs from my Mimi :) I love how perfectly they match the orange theme!

My Granny's horse collection coupled with my turtle collection flanks the other side of the window. Tank 1 of 3 lives in this room filled with freshwater sharks, a rhino nosed pleco that we see about once a year and a catfish that is at least 12 years old. Finishing off this shot is the newest fuzzy enjoying the afternoon sun.
The mister helped the best he could with his one good hand - he hung ornaments in our little bar. Or as he likes to call it, his vanity (not to be confused with my vanity :)
Now a look at the tree up close!

I made this ornament back in 1992, which would have made me about 13 years old. I remember it SO well. Why? Well, to get the paint inside, you'd use a straw, suck up the paint, and blow it into the ornament. Easy, right? I was great at getting the paint inside but not so much with the glitter that I decided to add at the end. I sucked up SO much glitter right down the hatch that I was pulling it out of my teeth for a week! I have never laughed so hard nor hurt so hard all at the same time :) And the kicker? You can barely see any of the glitter that I did get in there!

This ornament is a result of leaving the mister home alone too long with my crafting supplies. At the time I had been steadily wrapping rocks with a beautiful square sterling silver wire. Expensive wire. I came home to find that the mister had used up almost half of my fancy wire to wrap a rock! He was SO proud and it was SO funny that we decided to tie a string on it and call it an ornament :)

This green gourd ornament was handmade and painted by a local Okemah woman.

This purty green one was a gift from the mister to me on our first Christmas together! He wanted us to start building our tree together :) There once were two of these ornaments but fragile things don't last very long around these parts!

A fun little frog and one of my spool ornaments! As a matter of fact, our tree is COVERED with them! And I love it!

I also chose to include my ferrets' old stockings, Stinky and Segunda. I miss those smelly things all too often.

What special things adorn your tree? Do you have a Christmas tree? Would you like to put presents under our tree? ;)